Maintenence and Service

Even the 500 millionth impression has to look as fresh as the first one. This means that a press must be kept in good shape. We recommend service packages. After all, professional service is the only way to ensure that a highly productive printing system can deliver day-one quality for many years.

The ProServ service packages are modularly structured and cover all service sectors from inspection to safety checks and variable care concepts through to needs-oriented maintenance. Some faults can be easily remedied via telediagnostic others can be quickly taken care of, on the basis of a thorough analysis by on-site service.

The evolution of excellence continues with the partnership of ProServ 360° and the ROLAND 700 Evolution. Optimizing efficiency, it provides press owners with maximum performance, defined cost of ownership and a faster return on investment. ProServ 360° Performance is an integrated, 24-month partnership program to ensure maximum machine stability and productivity for owners of the ROLAND Evolution. The ProServ maintenance package includes extended service for the first two years of operation…


Proserve basic

The standard package for total reliability ProServ Basic Plus offers your ROLAND press and its optional Manroland systems the highest availability.

ProServ Comfort 360°

Access to the global service network and telephone support network. ProServ Comfort is the “comfort package” for your press with access to the service network and our TeleSupport Center specialists.


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