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FutureProof Packages

In a marketplace changing quickly than ever before, it is becoming virtually impossible for print companies to predict what their print runs and customer structures will be in years to come. Success depends on how quickly print companies can react to industry changes and new customer needs. Manroland Sheetfed FutureProof packages are a cost-effective solution.Take a look at the benefits:-

  • Faster makeready processes (numerous QuickChange Modules)
  • Integrated color measurement and control technology (InlineColorPilot)
  • Sheet-cutting systems for processing reel paper (InlineSheeter)
  • Sheet inspection (InlineInspector)

These packages allow easy retrofit for at least 3 years after the date of purchase. For further information  on how to FutureProof your ROLAND press and increase your profitability email info@manrolandsheetfed.com

Inline Systems

Manroland’s range of futureproofing solutions enables print companies to protect their investments by adapting to unforseen changes, thereby reducing costs, enhancing profitability and avoiding potential under-utilization of their plants.

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QuickChange Air Job specific air settings for all relevant consumption points via the control console.

QuickChange Clamp Multi-purpose speed clamp for the coating form cylinder.

QuickChange Coating Fast coating change-over.

QuickChange Color The ink flow can be preselected in three different ways: front-heavy, normal, rear-heavy ink flow. Also with optimized start-up sequence for roller contacts to further reduce the start-up waste.

QuickChange Color Plus  Color adjustment system with computer-assisted optimization of the ink slide presets.

QuickChange Infeed Automated selection and motorized setting of the frontlays to be used.

QuickChange Job  The operating steps which are performed in an automatic sequence during job changeover.

QuickChange Job Transferter Automatic substrate thickness adjustment (height adjustment of transferter and infeed drum gripper bars) and a new infeed drum. This simplifies the changeover from paper to board.

QuickChange Surface A special ink-repelling coating for the ink fountains which ensures rapid and effective wash-up results.

QuickChange Wash A modified inking roller washing system for faster wash-ups with the best possible results.


SelectDryer IR/TL, UV, LEC-UV and LED-UV drying systems for ROLAND presses.

SelectAirStation Optional central air supply cabinet.

SelectAntistatic Ionization equipment.

SelectCompressor Screw-type compressor for generating compressed air.

SelectCleaningSystem Automatic blanket or impression cylinder wash-up device.

SelectPowderSystem Powder sprayer.

SelectDampeningStation Fountain solution conditioning unit.

SelectDampeningFiltration Fountain solution filtration

SelectCombiCenter Combination unit for fountain solution conditioning and inking unit temperature control.

SelectCoating System Pressure-regulated chambered doctor blade.

SelectInkSupply Ink supply system.


ColorPilot systems – the fastest, most efficient way to measure color

ColorPilot is the well-proven high end density and colorimetry measurement and control solution from Manroland Sheetfed.

Color measurement systems are vital to standardized printing processes. The faster they work, the more you save in time and cost. The ColorPilot family from Manroland Sheetfed offers you the fastest color management system available.

The ColorPilot product range is so efficient, the entire measuring process takes place in only a few seconds, measuring densitometrical and colorimetrical values in a single pass.

The sheet is fixed with a vacuum system which enables a secure fixation even of very thin and thick materials. Due to the tilt correction within the measuring head it is possible to use the smallest 4 mm control strips. Using high end materials (Zeiss spectal module, glass interference filters, metal components instead of plastic), the system is very robust, reliable and delivers highly precise measuring data. A separate module for densitometric and spectral measurement ensures a simultaneous and standard-conform measurement.

InlineColour Pilot

ColorPilot and ColorPilot Smart


Automatic Pallet System

Aupasys is Manroland’s automatic pallet system, based on state of the art technology and able to be upgraded to any level of automation required. It is designed to ease the operator’s workload and increase net production output with less waste and is an integral component of the Manroland printing press.

  • Can be configured for system pallets or wooden transport pallets
  • Extremely low height of 100mm allows for floor assembly
  • Perfect pile preparation – not only turns the pile, but keeps it positioned central and straight
  • Minimum cycle time, operation from one side, space-saving installation without a pit
  • Job saver that stores job-related data regarding substrates, pallet format, turning programme, ventilation and jogging
  • Allows module combinations of chain conveyors, roller conveyors, corner stations empty pallet storage, slat conveyors and shuttles

Digital Workflow


A web of more than 2000 Manroland networks around the globe offers integration and practical tools to help make the world’s printing plants faster and ultra-efficient, optimising processes, increasing product quality and boosting profitability.

printnetwork® delivers automated workflow solutions that encompass everything from pre-press preparation and scheduling through to quality management of color control and inline inspection. With job transparency, complete process documentation and operational security print businesses can refine their processes to achieve higher levels of efficiency and lower operating costs.

Better organisation with IntegrationPilot 2.0.

Uninterrupted data collection with IntegrationPilot Plus 2.0

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