Solutions for a Sustainable Future

A quest for sustainability

We are driven by a pledge to reduce the environmental impact of print and we are engaged in continuous promotion of ever more eco-friendly practices across our manufacturing processes and supply chain.

Manroland Sheetfed is deeply invested in the future – ours, yours and that of our planet. Our pledge to sustainability is embodied in the work of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Offenbach, Germany. From design to delivery, our processes ensure we always meet or exceed the highest environment benchmarks.

Reduced ecological footprint

Our presses don’t need regular replacement; they are built to last clients for decades. Advanced manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement methodologies help us maximize efficiency and significantly reduce our environmental impact.

A commitment to energy conservation

Energy conservation is of paramount importance to the operation of our facility. Optimized machinery layouts and regenerative systems where appropriate, help us reduce energy consumption during production. Our goal is not just to create energy efficient products. We also aim to lead by example through the adoption of energy-conscious manufacturing processes.

Green innovation – a constant quest

Our R&D team is constantly exploring new ways to decrease the carbon footprint of our presses and develop new products which consume fewer resources.

Sustainability partnerships

We appreciate that sustainable solutions are the result of collaboration, which is why we work so closely with suppliers, clients and industry partners to promote sustainable practices through the lifecycle of our products – and throughout the supply chain.

For Manroland Sheetfed, sustainability is not an optional extra. It’s fundamental to who we are as a company. Advancing print technology responsibly ensures that our business will always grow in harmony with the environment.

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