ROLAND presses and the publishing sector

Investing in Manroland sheetfed presses is a strategic decision that guarantees long-term value and success. Our presses are not merely machines; they are the embodiment of reliability, efficiency, and excellence.

ROLAND presses lead the way in the printing industry. Amongst the many applications our presses handle a variety of substrates for all types of books including the the Holy Bible. Time and again, many publishers return to Manroland to add to their press range or to upgrade their facility.

In today’s market, e-Commerce has had a tremendous influence in publishing print. Publishing printers are continually confronting those challenges.

To improve and productivity to make our customers more competitive,  the ROLAND 700 Evolution range of presses are configured with all the necessary options to meet the customer’s demand for faster make-ready times and higher quality print.

Additionally, the ROLAND 900 XXL press with its optional ROLAND InlineColorPilot, is the only sheetfed press with a fully automatic system to ensure consistent color. Productivity can be further enhanced by integrating the optional ROLAND InlineSlitter, ROLAND InlineCoater, or double coating modules. In addition, optional automated plate change (APL™) technology reduces the operators’ workload, speeds up job change over and increases productivity when compared to a standard large format perfecting press.

To keep customers press operators up to date with the latest technology, Manroland provides comprehensive training.

‘We are happy with the performance of our two existing Roland 904 XXL presses, so decided to invest in this type of press again. The new press will be equipped with simultaneous (fully automatic) plate changing, an Inline colour measurement system, automatic washing devices, automatic QuickChange solutions and many other automatic functions. We are looking forward to printing on this latest-generation investment.’

Mr. Stane Novak

Managing Director of MA-TISK

The ROLAND 900 Evolution offers the latest, state-of-the-art machinery to produce the finest quality print and maintain its top-tier position in large format industrial printing. Thanks to our latest printing technologies such as TripleFlow Inking, Low Coverage Stabilization (LCS) and a wide range of efficiency enhancements such as QuickStart Plus, QuickChange Color Smart, ColorPilot and Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL), customers can be assured of meeting stringent deadlines and budgets every time.

  • The ROLAND 900 XXL perfector press meets and exceeds all the challenges of large-format sheetfed offset printing.
  • The new ROLAND 900 Evolution offers a wealth of automation technology to deliver cost & energy savings for printers.

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