The first ROLAND 900 Evolution in China goes to May Cheong Group

August 8, 2022 (Hong Kong) – Founded as a family- owned company by the Ngan’s brothers in 1967, May Cheong Group is one of the industry-leading producers of toys and replica vehicles manufacturing, distributing, and marketing its products to 115 countries across the globe. With headquarters in Hong Kong, they have offices in the USA, France, and Mainland China. Moreover, in Mainland China, they have two factories including a medium size full range printing plant.

According to Mr. Charles Ngan, the group’s Chairman, the group invested tremendous resources in fully automatic production equipment in order to optimize product packaging as per specific requirements and to achieve on-time shipping. Everything from package design and printing to the manufacturing of the shipping cartons is done in-house. The packaging production line is full of automated equipment including the ROLAND 704 and the ROLAND 706 LV.

In a bid to better meet the needs of sustainable business growth, the group decided to upgrade its packaging printing facilities by introducing a brand new ROLAND 905 LV Evolution with 6B3 large format from Manroland. It would be the first ROLAND 900 Evolution in the Chinese market. As per Mr. Charles Ngan, the new press willbe installed at their Shaoguan plant in Guangdong province in the first quarter of next year.

“We are fully convinced by the market – proven print quality of ROLAND 900 Evolution from Manroland who has more than seven decades of experience in large format printing. The bigger format, higher production speed, shorter make-ready times and less waste of ROLAND 900 Evolution will certainly help us to enhance our print quality, increase our productivity and lower the total production cost”, he added.

Bearing all the hallmarks of innovation, productivity and quality that have become synonymous with the Evolution name, the ROLAND 900 Evolution large format press for packaging and commercial printing comes with a wealth of cutting-edge automation technologies to deliver cost and energy savings for the printers, along with ever-faster make-ready times.

Shorter make ready times

Thanks to Manroland’s Simultaneous Plate Loading technology, plate loading and blanket cleaning all take place simultaneously, resulting in significant cost savings, higher productivity and superior print quality.

Simultaneous Plate Loading drastically reduces make-ready times. Plate exchange, blanket cylinder and back cylinder washing can be done simultaneously in all printing units in less than 4 minutes.

Simultaneous blanket washing, impression cylinder washing, printing and coating plate changes, roller washing and inking-up done simultaneously reduces make-ready times by up to 60%.

Premium print quality and less waste

TripleFlow delivers more control than any other comparable technology on the market. With three different ink distributions at the push of a button, it offers high color consistency during the whole print run and drastic savings in waste.

As printing speeds increase, the challenge of keeping print quality sheet by sheet at constantly high-level increases too. However, although the printing speed of ROLAND 900 Evolution is up to 16500 sheets / per hour, there is no comprise of print quality. The InlineInspector 3.0 detects even the smallest hickeys, splashes, scratches, creases, streaks, scumming or smearing just as reliably as it detects color deviations or substrate defects, which could reduce the manpower costs.

In addition, the InlineColorPilot 3.0 measures and controls register and color automatically without the need of a pull sheet. This saves time and wasted sheets, improves color stability and offers complete documentation of the production run.

As the substrate versatility of ROLAND 900 Evolution ranges from the thinnest paper to the thickest carton, even the stiff substrates can be printed safely and in high quality, thanks to the relatively flat sheet travel path.

Moreover, the ROLAND 900 Evolution can be equipped with a single ROLAND InlineCoater or double coating module. The extremely high precision of the chambered doctor blade system ensures exact dosage and uniform quality of the coating layer.

The double coating version permits a double hit of dispersion coating or a combination of printing with conventional inks and then applying a water-based primer and UV coating.

ProServ 360° Performance Program

The all-inclusive ProServ 360° Performance two-year program is designed to deliver the maximum return on the printers’ investment to ensure the press runs to optimum efficiency and maximum up-time.

With the 24/7 remote service, regular inspections and maintenance, performance analysis, direct access to our experts in Germany and with genuine factory spare parts optimized as only we know-how, the ProServ 360° Performance is second to none.

Mr. Charles Ngan thanked Manroland for the great support all these years and said, “Manroland is our long- term partner. ROLAND 900 presses have been well proven and reliable in the global market. Furthermore, we have been very satisfied with the premium performance of our two ROLAND 700 presses running in our plant. Therefore, this time when we need to upgrade our current facilities in terms of printing, Manroland naturally becomes our first choice!”

The first ROLAND 900 Evolution in China goes to May Cheong Group

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