ROLAND 708 LV + UV Evolution Assisting Zhenxiong Printing in increasing its Production Capacity

November 5, 2021 (Guangzhou) – Guangzhou Zhenxiong Printing Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a modern packaging printer offering the integrated services of high-end creative design, structural design, plate making, printing, and transportation for baby products, cosmetics, electronic products, daily necessities, handmade gift boxes.

The company specializes in a series of packaging products including PET box, PVC box, PP box, white card box, gold and silver card box, handmade gift box. With the development concept of smart technologies, the company has introduced four advanced Manroland presses over the years to build the highly efficient smart production system and the most complete production platform of nearly zero-defect plastic and cardboard packaging boxes.

According to Mr. Hu, general manager of the company, Zhenxiong Printing has positioned itself in meeting the needs of the high-end market all these years. Currently there are about 80 staff members who are responsible for the administration, pre-press (including design), printing and post-press. The company would like to increase its production capacity by 30% in the next three years.

To support their goals to increase production capacity, recently, the company has introduced and successfully installed a new ROLAND 708 LV + UV Evolution after thorough market research, comparison and evaluation.

Mr. Hu said, « We have earned the high recognition from the industry with our integrity, strength and quality. With the customer-centred approach, we provide our customers with high quality, fast and reliable packaging printing services. Our high end plastic packaging print products for cosmetics, children and food have particularly demanding requirements for print quality, especially in terms of high color consistency. It is not easy to achieve premium print quality of the plastic packaging boxes. Thanks to the ROLAND 708 LV + UV Evolution just installed, its massive amount of new cutting-edge automation technologies could not only greatly improve productivity, but also ensure the premium stable quality and high color consistency of our plastic packaging boxes.”

Here are just some of the significant new cutting-edge automation technologies mentioned by Mr. Hu:

With three different ink distributions at the push of a button, TripleFlow offers high color consistency during the whole print run and drastic savings in waste.

IntegrationPilot 2.0 do the job preparation and scheduling work, conduct data collection and provide accurate productivity reports.

ProServ 360 Performance for 24 months. Besides routine installation, repair, training, and spare parts, the ProServ 360 Performance provides the customers with the preventative maintenance and performance optimization. It helps the printers to continuously improve the equipment utilization rate and enhance stability, so that the printers could provide the high quality packaging products and services for the brand names.

” Our new press also gives us more options for the width of substrates, which could help us to fulfil more application requirements. In addition, Manroland’s century-old brand name could help us to further strengthen our corporate image in the packaging printing market. At the same time, our investment in the new press has also instilled more confidence in the market”, Mr. Hu continued.

Mr. Hu believes that the introduction of this ROLAND 708 LV + UV Evolution will definitely help the company to achieve its goal of increasing the production capacity by 30% in the next three years.

Zhenxiong Printing introduced and successfully installed a brand new ROLAND708 LV+UV Evolution.

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