Leading Chinese packaging printer looks to the future

Wing Fat Printing welcomes its new ROLAND 706 LV Evolution

January 21, 2022 (Sichuan) – The Wing Fat Printing (SICHUAN) Co., Ltd. (thereinafter referred to Wing Fat Sichuan) is one of the subsidiaries of the Wing Fat Printing Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1913 with headquarters in Hong Kong.

Wing Fat Sichuan, which was officially established in 2011, specialize in the high quality packaging product design and printing for the industries of alcohol, cigarettes, medicine, food, beverages, daily necessities, and electronics.

Adhering to the core values ​​of « integrity, modesty, pragmatism, and co-prosperity », the company has adopted the world’s most advanced packaging printing technologies from Manroland, fully automated production lines and highly efficient enterprise management systems to provide the premium products and services for its large and medium-sized brand customers.

The company has held a leading position in the printing industry in West China. It also ranked fourth in the list of Top 100 printing companies in China since its formation

Wing Fat Sichuan’s deputy general manager, Mr. Deng Xiangbin, said:

« With cutting-edge packaging printing technology, our company has always paid great attention to quality. We were the first printing company in Southwest China to pass the ISO:9001 quality management system certification. Our company has multiple sheetfed offsets, such as the ROLAND 706 HiPrint and ROLAND 707 LV HiPrint, more than 1,000 staff members and a production scale with an annual output value of more than 800 million yuan. Since our formation 10 years ago, I am proud to say we have earned numerous qualifications and awards: »

In order to meet the increasing market demand and the requirements of the company’s continuous development, through vigorous national tenders, Wing Fat Sichuan has introduced a ROLAND 706 LV Evolution that fully met the parameters required.

« This new machine stood out from the fierce competition and screening with its unique advantages in the printing speed (up to 18,200 sheets per hour), productivity and reduction of total production cost. By now, its installation has been completed smoothly and officially put into production », said Mr. Deng.

With the futuristic design and numerous innovative technologies, the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION aims to significantly improve the production efficiency, operation and print quality.

Some of the innovative technologies to help the company achieve its goals included:

« Visual » Operating System

Based on the concept of « visualization », the operating system integrates various adjustment functions such as ink key control, registration adjustment, ink roller and ink flow adjustment onto the touch- screen, which provides the operators with the more ergonomic interface and more convenience in operation. In addition, coupled with the integrated job index function, the productivity of operators can be increased to a very large extent.


The feeder head is strengthened and fixed, which reduces both the risk of downtime of the feeder head and vibration. Adjustments can be done without the use of tools, which greatly improves the efficiency of operators. Furthermore, when printing thinner substrates, the sheet transport stability is greatly enhanced, and the risk of downtime is lowered. In addition, the automatic paper skew correction is carried out through the sheet transfer suction belt. It is hard to cause deformation when printing on a lightweight substrate thanks to the concave design of the suction belt.

Inking and Dampening Units

The unique features include TripleFlow inking unit, intelligent speed compensation for inking and dampening units, and effective anti-ghosting solutions. Moreover, the TripleFlow inker delivers more control than any other comparable technology on the market. With three different ink distributions at the push of a button, it offers high color consistency during the whole print run and drastic savings in waste. In addition, the dampening roller system, which has been newly optimized, not only has a better anti-ghosting effect, but also at the same time can significantly shorten the cleaning time and increase the efficiency of job changes.

3B plus format (optional configuration)

Compared with the 3B format, the 3B plus format (1060 mm x 780 mm) is only 30 mm more in width. However, the productivity of one run could be increased by up to 50% depending on the different print jobs. The reason lies in the way of imposition. Under the hypothetically extreme circumstance, certain print job is allowed to print only one page on one sheet because of the size. However, if the sheet size is 30mm wider, two pages can be done on one sheet. Thus, its productivity and the yields of the substrates could be increased by 100%. More importantly, it saves the material cost and time, further improves the overall productivity and shortens the lead time.

In addition, Mr. Deng extended his gratitude to his long-term partner Manroland for their great support. “The installation of the machine happened to be done during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the concerted efforts of us and the Manroland technical team, we overcame various difficulties and finally managed to get the machine installed successfully on time.”

With the new Evolution press added to their impressive fleet, Wing Fat Printing is confidently marching towards a brilliant future.

Wing Fat Striving for a Brilliant Future.
Wing fat has a modern factory and the world’s advanced packaging and printing technology.
Wingfat Printing (Sichuan) Co.,Ltd introduced and successfully installed a brand new ROLAND 706 LV Evolution

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