First ROLAND 900 EVOLUTION supplied to mainland China.

Shaoguan, Guangdong – The first ROLAND 900 EVOLUTION five-color press with coating module was delivered to Wanda Industrial (Shixing) Co., Ltd., and installation work is currently underway.

ROLAND 900 EVOLUTION is a new generation of large-format printing press designed for packaging and commercial printing. Printing speeds of up to 16,500 sheets/hour, coupled with cutting-edge automation technologies allows for high productivity while reducing preparation time for calibration significantly saving costs and energy consumption.

The first ROLAND900 EVOLUTION being installed in mainland China is showing off!

The newly designed printing press appearance and console operating system provide greater convenience for printing press operation; the optimized feeder, paper delivery and transfer systems ensure smoother paper transportation and transfer; the new power system and The roller bearing makes the maintenance cycle longer and the printing machine maintenance operation easier.

Inline coating unit offers unparalleled ergonomics, and a new chambered doctor blade system adds additional reinforcement profiles for improved stability, resulting in a uniform, streak-free application. The coating unit is equipped with an electric chain crane and a storage unit for the two anilox rollers, ensuring that the coating application remains at the top level in terms of efficiency, reliability and product quality. The dual coating configuration allows for two water-based coatings or printing with conventional inks and a combination of water-based varnish and UV varnish application.

The ROLAND 900 EVOLUTION printing press is the inevitable choice for large-format printing!

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