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July 11, 2022 (Vietnam) – Founded in 2021, Avestar Packaging Group Joint Stock Company is a young packaging printer in Vietnam specializing in folding cartons and flute lamination packaging for numerous brand names such as Samsung, Cannon, Brothers, Verizon, Lego.

According to Mr. Pham Huu Hung, the CEO and the owner of the company, Avestar Packaging Group has been committed to quality, productivity, and innovation since its establishment. In order to fully support its rapid business growth and achieve sustainable profitability, the company has recently collaborated with Manroland for the first time by the introduction of a brand new ROLAND 906 XXL (format 8) with the world’s largest format 1300 x 1870 mm.

“Our company will only achieve sustainable profitability when we can combine efficiency and cost-effectiveness with consistently high quality output. Our new press ROLAND 906 XXL can absolutely not only fulfil our needs in premium quality and in high productivity, but also bring us the unique competitive advantages in the large format packaging”, Mr. Pham Huu Hung added.

In the following, six of the innovative technologies of ROLAND 900 XXL which help the printers to increase their productivity and print quality will be highlighted.

Large format press design

Large format has no compromise to print quality. The sturdy press construction, drive gears of premium quality and innovative hydro-stabilization of ROLAND 900 XXL all combine to ensure the outstanding print quality from one job to the next.

In addition, with a longitudinal shaft on presses with five or more printing units, backlash in the gear teeth is eliminated, which maintains prefect register and further ensures the exceptional print quality. Moreover, the 7 o’clock cylinder geometry provides a flatter sheet travel path for the reliable large format production.

Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL)

SPL enables the printing plates in all printing units to be changed at the same time. Furthermore, blanket and impression cylinder can be washed automatically parallel to the plate change, which can save up to 7 minutes per job change. The result is significantly decreased make ready time and work costs, with increased margins and productivity, and greater competitiveness. It is especially beneficial for short run jobs.

One Pass Productivity

Manroland’s ‘one pass productivity’ with its trademark ‘highest efficiency, highest quality’ approach, which offers dramatically reduced number of wash-up cycles and shorter makeready times, is perfect for ensuring increased productivity and maintaining higher margins for large format printers such as Avestar Packaging Group.

InlineInspector 2.0 detects even the smallest hickeys, splashes, scratches, creases, streaks, scumming or smearing just as reliably as it detects color deviations or substrate defects, which could lower the manpower costs and ensure the premium quality.

InlineColorPilot 2.0 measures and controls register and color automatically without the need of a pull sheet, which not only ensures the high color stability, but also at the same time significantly saves time and wasted sheets and increase productivity.

InlineFoiler 2.0 is a groundbreaking enhancement solution that meets market demands for more creative, more eye-catching and more vibrant print. With the InlineFoiler, printers can cold foil and overprint a full spectrum of colours inline on a broad range of substrates in a single pass and it can be combined with delicate embossing and effect or spot coatings or varnishes for maximum impact. It could achieve excellent printing effects, while at the same time the productivity could be increased to a very large extent. This function is particularly suitable for the packaging printers like Avestar Packaging Group who would like to differentiate themselves in the competitive market.

With the innovative technologies of ROLAND 900 XXL, Avestar Packaging Group will certainly significantly enhance its competitiveness in the large format packaging printing market.

Groundbreaking ceremony of Avestar Packaging

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