Discover the world of inline enhancements with OnePass technology from Manroland Sheetfed.

Stimulate your senses. Wake your emotions. Seeing, smelling and touching are qualities that make printed goods unique, attractive and more valuable. The OnePass® technology in the ROLAND 700 Evolution provides you with these new possibilities.

Cost pressures and ever shorter delivery times require production steps to be reduced and enhancements to be implemented in one single pass. With OnePass® technology in the ROLAND 700 Evolution, you can increase productivity through enhanced in-line production.

With the Ultima® concept Manroland Sheetfed offers tailor-made solutions for a wide array of applications. Ultima® stands for customising.

Whether it is coating before printing or a downstream printing unit after coating – anything that varies from the standard printing and varnishing process finds application-specific solutions with the ROLAND 700 Evolution Ultima®.


  • Manroland Sheetfed Evolution Ultima

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