Manroland raise a glass at major packaging event

More than 100 professionals from various printing companies and media outfits attended the Manroland Innovative Added Value Printing of Alcohol Packaging Seminar in Luzhou, China.

Top management of Manroland Greater China, led by its President, Dr. Peter Conrady, were out in full force as they kicked off the affair — jointly organized by Manroland and Luzhou YUTO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. — with a press conference.

Also present were Ms. Fanny Chan, Manroland Greater China Vice President & CFO; Mr. Samuel Tam, Manroland Greater China General Manager Sheetfed; and Mr. Thomas Luk, Head of Printing Supplies Division.

Dr. Conrady shared his marketing analysis of the mainland printing industry and offered constructive suggestions on how to lift the industry to greater heights. During the seminar, Dr. Conrady gave a keynote speech, along with Mr. Yang Youping, Secretary General of Luzhou Alcohol Packaging Research Association, and Mr. Wang Ming, General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Quality Management Center. The three speakers hoped that the competitiveness of the region’s printing companies could be further enhanced by the experience-sharing of the customers and printing experts at the seminar, which was topped off by a live demonstration of the powerful ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION.

Moreover, experts from Manroland Greater China explained in detail the development trend of the printing industry, especially the advantages of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Ultima, ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, ProServ360 ° PERFORMANCE, and Green printing solutions.

What are the opportunities and challenges that the industry is facing? What changes are happening in the market today? Mr. Roy Guo, Global Marketing Manager, explained how the number of press color groups and the level of automation of new presses have significantly increased. Faced with the pressure of competition and the demand for environmental protection and lower cost, printers have been upgrading their technology level for their future development.


Special processes, built on development and innovation, are important to printers. The ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Ultima is a very powerful tool that aids the printing companies in developing special process, further integrating with the brand value chain, and building competitiveness. According to Ms. Janny Zhang, Regional General Manager of Sheetfed South China and Hong Kong, the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Ultima can be tailored to special technical requirements. These include Pro-Cure, touch coating, InlineFoiler, anti-counterfeiting printing, with a wide variety of technologies including double coating, and LED UV. The concepts of platformization and modularization provide the printers with the broadest range of configuration choices.


Mr. Frandy Leung, Regional Sheetfed Sales Manager Guangzhou & Guangxi, presented an in-depth introduction of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, the latest generation of medium-format press. As the flagship model of Manroland, ROLAND700 EVOLUTION has received worldwide recognition from the time it was launched. Moreover, it won the 2015 Red Dot Design Award. Its premium print quality, plus the flexible configuration combination and automated functions, such as AUPASYS (Automatic pallet transport system), SPL (simultaneous plate loading), InlineInspector and InlineSorter, can help printers to improve productivity, service capabilities and customer satisfaction. This ensures the printers great success to their value chain strategies.


In addition to the process development and highly efficient production, the stability and performance of the printing equipment itself are more prominent in today’s tight supply chain.

According to Mr. Henry Cheng, Services and Parts Sales Manager South China, Manroland’s ProServ360 ° PERFORMANCE was particularly developed to meet this need. Apart from routine installation, repair, training, and spare parts, the ProServ 360 Performance provides the customers with preventative maintenance and performance optimization. It helps printers to continuously improve the equipment utilization rate and enhance stability, thus providing the high quality packaging products and services desired by branded products.

Green printing solutions

Mr. Thomas Luk, Head of Printing Supplies Division, introduced Manroland’s green printing solutions. Green printing has entered the mainstream of business development, especially with the strengthening of national policies and regulations in regards to environmental protection in recent years. As a pioneer of green printing, Manroland continuously develops products and technologies to help Chinese printers with green transformation. Manroland is committed to supporting printers in establishing green production mode in line with laws and regulations, and building unique “green” competitiveness.

In the afternoon, the guests visited Luzhou YUTO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., where the premium performance of its ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION was demonstrated. The guests were impressed when they witnessed how short make-ready time could be by using Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL) and various QuickChange functions of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, which has been running smoothly for more than a year.

On behalf of Manroland Greater China, Dr. Conrady extended his heartfelt gratitude to Luzhou YUTO Packaging for its strong support all these years. “We are very pleased to see that the leading packaging printers in China have improved their overall competitiveness and achieved the high standards of automation, quality and efficiency by using our innovative products and services,” he added.

About Manroland Sheetfed

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading German producer of sheetfed offset litho printing presses. Founded in 1871, the company is one of the oldest producers of printing presses in the world. Today the company has its own subsidiaries in over 40 countries and is a global watchword for supreme quality and reliability. Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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