Manroland helps Dongguan printers find success in challenging times

Finding solutions to various problems facing the Chinese printing industry was the main aim of the “2019 Manroland In Search of Success Seminar” held in Dongguan on November 22.

Dr. Peter Conrady, President of Manroland Greater China, led the company’s executives and industry experts who attended the seminar jointly organized by Manroland and Dongguan Good Paper Packaging Co., Ltd.

In his speech, Dr. Conrady said he was happy to bring together knowledgeable people from the printing industry to help printers secure business opportunities and overcome difficulties in a fast-changing economic environment.

Leaders of printing associations in Guangdong, industry experts and role models sat together with the Manroland team to plot the best way forward for the region’s printers.

Ms. Fanny Chan, Managing Director of Manroland Greater China, was also in attendance along with Mr. Max Tian (General Manager, Sheetfed sales), Mr. Bao Dingdong (Head of Service and 2S Greater China), Mr. Thomas Luk (Head of Printing Supplies) and Ms. Jane Gu (General Manager in Shanghai & Head of Marketing Communications).

More than 130 printing professionals attended the highly successful seminar strongly supported by the Guangdong Printing Association and Dongguan Printing Association.

As the world’s leading supplier of printing solutions, Manroland deeply understands the pressure on the Chinese printing industry to deliver in the face of huge challenges: changing foreign trade markets, intensifying domestic competition and the soaring costs.

A better glimpse of the situation was provided by Mr. Li Jiong, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Guangdong Printing Association, Mr. Mai Zhiqiang, Vice President and Secretary General of Dongguan Publishing and Printing Association, and Ms. Wang Lijie, Deputy General Manager of Keyin, Chief Editor Printing Technology.

In the opinion of Ms. Wang, the Chinese printing industry is currently undergoing a transition and transformation from the “Stage of High-Speed Growth” to the “Stage of High-Quality Growth “. Manroland technology experts readily provided specific solutions to the previously identified challenges.

The solutions include precise positioning, development of high-value products and continuous improvement of product quality and service capabilities in response to consumption trends. Continuous optimization of work flow and on-site management is also highly recommended, along with balanced production capacity of long and short runs in response to the diversity and individualization of consumption. Smart construction, systematic planning and step-by-step implementation of automation, digitalization and networking are necessary.

Finally, it pays to adopt a green development concept – “Energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, recycling” – and implement comprehensive green measures according to the rigid requirements of environmental protection.

As a world leading manufacturer of Sheetfed offsets, Manroland is synonymous to premium quality and reliability. It is committed to provide customers with end-to-end comprehensive printing solutions worldwide. Sheetfed Value-Added Printing Solutions .

During the discussion of Sheetfed value-added printing solutions, Ms. Janny Zhang, Regional General Manager of Manroland Sheetfed South China and Hong Kong, emphasized that the latest-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION represents top productivity and print quality.

It has received worldwide recognition since it was launched in 2014. Moreover, it won the 2015 Red Dot Design Award. Flexibility and speed are also two of its attributes.

The printing speed of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION is up to 18,200 sheets per hour, while its maximum sheet format of 780 mm x 1,060 mm helps the printers adapt to different print products. It is configured to up to 10 color groups and the Ultima model can be customized according to requirements. Various process combinations, including spot color printing, reverse gloss and anti-counterfeiting applications, are possible. Optional configurations include a wide variety of automation options, such as InlineColorPilot, InlineRegister, APL, InlineInspector and APUPASYS (Automatic pallet transport system).

The ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION is so flexible it can deal with numerous challenges. Manroland Service Solutions Mr. Henry Cheng, Sales Manager of Service and Spare Parts Division, Greater China, gave a detailed presentation of Manroland Service Solutions. A top sports car needs good maintenance to ensure it is in its best condition at all times. It is the same with a printing machine, which requires extremely high accuracy.

The key for printing companies to maximize the performance of their presses is outstanding service technical support. Manroland’s comprehensive solutions of parts and engineering services cover three major areas: ideal engineering service to further improve the machine’s productivity; original high-quality parts to ensure the stability of equipment; and unique value-added products to enhance the printers’ competitiveness.

Manroland Green Printing Supplies Solutions

Mr. Anthony So, Sales Manager of Printing Supplies, South China and Hong Kong, introduced Manroland’s green printing supplies solutions. Manroland has spared no effort to invest in and improve the supply of printing materials, thus providing customers with all-round printing solutions designed to boost production efficiency. printcom® and magicpix® – ace brands in the series of printing supplies – are the best choices for customers.

Manroland is meticulous about research and development, production, optimization and improvement of products. So it only offers products of high integrity and high efficiency. After the seminar, the participants visited the Dongguan Good Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. to see the live demonstration of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Zou Yuehui, the company’s Managing Director, said that Dongguan Good Paper has been Manroland’s loyal customer from the earliest two-color machine, later the ROLAND 700 five colors HiPrint, to the latest ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION six colors.

“Our production plant is just like a small museum of Manroland printing machines covering the different models during the three periods of Manroland,” Mr. Zou says.

The event was concluded with Manroland extending its thanks to all the participants.

Upholding the service principle of “Customer First”, we are looking forward to working with customers to achieve success with our comprehensive and high-quality printing solutions – all of them bearing the essence of German technology.

About Manroland Sheetfed

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading German producer of sheetfed offset litho printing presses. Founded in 1871, the company is one of the oldest producers of printing presses in the world. Today the company has its own subsidiaries in over 40 countries and is a global watchword for supreme quality and reliability. Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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