How to increase the efficiency of your press

Be vigilant!

When it comes to wear and tear, the suction head and feeder are the most heavily stressed components in the machine. They contain many moving parts. High friction due to sheet transport, fast radial movement of the rollers and linear direction changes in the suction head can cause the affected parts to deteriorate faster than one might expect.

The wear on a suction head is gradual and is therefore hardly noticed by the press operators. Ultimately, a defective suction head slows down the performance of the entire press.

To counter this, Manroland has developed ServiceKit for wearing parts – it’s especially tailored to the situation of the feeder and the suction head. The package allows for replacements to the problem parts in these two vital areas.

By replacing all wearing parts contained in the package, the assembly is renewed in such a way that your press functions as efficiently as a brand-new machine. The advantages are clearly visible: less sheet stoppers and higher speed, especially for sensitive substrates.

Replacement Suction Head

A replacement suction head is recommended for machines with high mileage and corresponding stress, such as in cardboard processing.

The advantages of a replacement suction head are obvious. Except for a few stationary parts, the suction head will be equipped with the latest parts. The new manroland suction head reflects the highest level of development.

Low machine downtime.

The suction head is usually replaced within a few hours. An increase of 1,000 s/h in the machine speed is not unusual after a suction head is replaced. Therefore, the investment pays for itself within a few production days. All ServiceKits are available for the whole ROLAND family including ROLAND 300, ROLAND 500, ROLAND 700 HiPRint, HS, DirectDrive, EVOLUTION, ROLAND 900, XXL presses

Furthermore, the customer can return the removed suction head to the manufacturer. Manroland grants a fixed amount as residual credit.


A replacement suction head is the right investment if you want to increase the efficiency of your machine.

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