An ideal press for Huizhou Honghui Printing

New ROLAND 705 with coating module 3B plus format EVOLUTION press “takes production to the next level”.

After 15 years experience in packaging printing, Huizhou Honghui Printing Co., Ltd. started its relationship with Manroland by purchasing a new ROLAND 705 with coating module 3B plus format EVOLUTION press. This new press will boost production and assist with the print house’s business development.

Founded in 2004, Honghui Printing specializes in packaging for personal care products and consumer goods. Through the years, the company has established a complete packaging workflow including prepress, printing and postpress. The company provides customers with total packaging solutions from design to finished product. Apart from driving continuous growth in the business, the ROLAND 705 LV EVOLUTION press is expected to further increase Honghui Printing’s production capacity.

Quality is fundamental

“We have attached great importance to product quality since the establishment of our company,” says Mr. Huang Jianhui, General Manager of Honghui Printing. “We have received the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accreditation and print quality is at the core of our competitiveness and naturally our focus point when considering the procurement of a new press.”

Manroland’s world-class printing technology is exactly what Honghui Printing needs in terms of print quality. The new-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION comprises many cutting-edge printing technologies to provide the best print effects.

For example, the TripleFlow inking unit arranges the ideal inking amount for the different graphics; the intelligent software manages the inking amount during the start of a new job and job changes. Hence, print quality is not only assured, but waste rate is reduced significantly. In addition, costs can be further reduced and the quality of finished sheet stacks is enhanced. The vacuum suction feeder is equipped with an automatic skew correction function, which automatically corrects any misplacement during the sheet transfer. Thus, the smooth and precise transfer of sheets is guaranteed.

Improving profitability by higher efficiency

“With the steady growth of our business, and facing the increasingly demanding requirements in the packaging printing market, we have come to realize that only by the continuous improvement of our product quality and productivity, as well as the reduction of our total production cost, could our company stay ahead in the printing industry,” says Mr. Huang.

In view of this, Honghui Printing chose the option of 3B plus large format (780 mm x 1060 mm) for their ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION. The increase in size might be small compared with the 3B format (750 mm x 1060 mm), but this significantly improves productivity. Particularly in the field of packaging printing, under the hypothetically extreme circumstance, the yields of the substrates could rise up by 100 percent in 3B plus large format. In terms of both productivity and cost saving of printing materials, the 3B plus large format can play a big role.

“We really appreciate that Manroland has provided us with the best solution” says Mr. Huang.

Thanks to its smooth installation, the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION can now help Honghui Printing achieve its goals of improved print quality and productivity, reduced cost and better time management. It’s exactly what Honghui Printing needs to spread its wings and achieve more successes.


About Manroland Sheetfed

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading German producer of sheetfed offset litho printing presses. Founded in 1871, the company is one of the oldest producers of printing presses in the world. Today the company has its own subsidiaries in over 40 countries and is a global watchword for supreme quality and reliability. Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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