A pioneer in green environmental protection

As the world’s leading supplier of printing equipment and solutions, Manroland is committed to providing customers with advanced printing equipment and complete solutions. In recent years, Manroland has gradually developed supporting printing materials with a concept of green environmental protection throughout. It has achieved enviable results and gained a lot of attention and recognition both inside and outside the industry. Recently, the media had in-depth exchanges with Thomas Luk, Head of Printing supplies, Manroland Greater China and Maxco Tang, Factory Manager of Guangzhou Printcom Printing Equipment Co. Ltd., to learn about their exploration and achievements in green development.

Left: Thomas Luk, Head of Printing supplies, Manroland Greater China. Right: Maxco Tang, Factory Manager of Guangzhou Printcom Printing Equipment Co. Ltd.,

Implement the concept of green environmental protection and achieve sustainable development of enterprises

When it comes to green and environmentally friendly printing, what comes to mind are low VOCs content, reducing emissions and waste, and saving energy and consumption. Of course, these are the basic key points of green printing. Mr Tang thinks it’s more than that: “Currently, the country attaches great importance in the development of green printing. We should also focus on the entire green printing process, which includes every participant and user in the industry chain. From product design to people, machines and the environment in the production process, all should be included in the scope of green printing. Only in this way can the sustainable development of people, enterprises, resources, environment and society be achieved, which is comprehensive green printing».

In the past, many printing companies believed that printing materials were only used to print corresponding products. They only looked at the immediate performance and procurement costs, but ignored an extremely critical point, that is, the environmental protection of printing materials. Whether it is to meet the rigid requirements of national laws and regulations or to achieve long-term development of the enterprise, this is the primary consideration. As a leader in printing equipment manufacturers, Manroland has always attached great importance to green and environmentally friendly printing. The group has been committed to the research and development and promotion of green and environmentally friendly printing materials as early as more than ten years ago, and created two brands, printcom and magicpix. Assist printing companies in their green transformation and upgrading.

«When people heard about environmentally friendly printing materials, they would have the misconception that they were expensive and not as easy to use as ordinary materials, which also discouraged many printing companies.» Mr. Luk said. In recent years, with the promotion and development of the country and the improvement of new materials and equipment, printing companies have gradually increased their acceptance of green and environmentally friendly materials, gradually changing from passive acceptance to active participation, and from focusing on unit price costs to focusing on comprehensive costs and enterprise sustainable development.

Magicpix printing materials help manroland green and environmentally friendly printing

In the process of promoting the green development of the printing industry, Manroland has not stopped its pace. In 2007, in order to meet market demands, Manroland launched the magicpix series of products, including rubber blanket, printing chemicals, varnish, ink, and accessories, vigorously promoting environmentally friendly printing materials in China. When it comes to its advantages, Mr Tang proudly said: The magicpix series is backed by Manroland printing technology, and its main focus is to make people feel at ease and easy to use. In addition to good printing results, it meets international requirements in terms of technology and quality standards. It not only meets environmental requirements, but also provides protection for personnel and equipment, avoiding harm to personnel and ensuring that every component and junction of the equipment will not suffer from corrosion or damage. As an equipment manufacturer, we guarantee that protecting people and equipment are both our tasks.

The numerous advantages of magicpix series products, It has brought many surprises to printing enterprises: «It has rejected the use of dangerous goods, reduced the management costs and risks of the enterprise, and equipped with some automation equipment, which can greatly save labour costs. More importantly, the magicpix series products meet relevant national laws and regulations, solving many difficult problems for printing enterprises, helping them gain the trust of many customers, and greatly increasing the order volume of the enterprise,” Mr. Luk also added, «While the magicpix series of products bring value to printing enterprises, they also further assist in improving their competitiveness in the market. Many printing enterprises will proactively come to their doorstep and ask Manroland to provide high-quality and qualified products, relieving them of their troubles.”

Magicpix printing materials helps Manroland to achieve green and environmentally friendly printing

Complete supporting 4S services

Not only can Manroland provide customers with high-quality green and environmentally friendly products, but it also provides a comprehensive service system. In order to serve customers more timely and conveniently, manroland has established warehousing, logistics, and service teams in various key regions of China to ensure continuous product supply and timely delivery. Manroland provides one-stop solutions for various customer needs, including printing materials, processes, equipment, and maintenance. In addition to daily communication with customers, Manroland also regularly holds training classes to cultivate talents and share printing technology, maintenance, and other content. “We have a strong technical team, accumulated rich printing experience, and can quickly solve different production application problems for customers. For example, if customers want to comprehensively reduce the generation and emissions of VOCs, our team can provide comprehensive support, from equipment, materials to complete solutions for the process, «Mr. Luk firmly stated.

“WE ARE PRINT” Looking ahead to the future

Green and environmentally friendly printing materials have become a trend, and Manroland will continue to develop green and environmentally friendly printing materials. Mr Tang said:” In order to meet customers’ diverse choices, Manroland will continue to improve various series of products, such as low VOC cleaning agents, special effect inks and oils, and water-based materials with low odour and automatic degradation. At the same time, Manroland provides supporting equipment such as automatic rubber cloth cleaning devices and fountain solution filters, which not only cooperate with environmental protection but also assist in saving manpower. It will actively develop solutions to improve the VOCs content in the workshop and enhance the green and environmental protection of the entire factory area.” “At the commercial level, we will provide matching materials and solutions tailored to the different needs of printing enterprises, making it easier for customers to achieve high-quality, efficient, environmentally friendly, and low-cost production.” Mr. Luk added.

In addition, Manroland strengthens close contact with customers by regularly holding communication seminars and conducting follow-up visits to customers, allowing more people to understand and choose Manroland.

“WE ARE PRINT”. This is not only Manroland’s self positioning, but also its solemn commitment to customers. In the future, Manroland will continue to uphold the concept of green and environmentally friendly printing, shining more new forces in equipment, materials, services, and other aspects, providing greater support for the development of the market, users, and the entire industry.

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