ROLAND 700 Evolution assists Taiwan-based Tazon to reach a broader international market

Engineers at Manroland Asia successfully commissioned a new ROLAND 700 Evolution at the Tazon Color Paper Co. Ltd. facility in Taiwan on time despite pandemic restrictions at the time.

Exhibiting teamwork and resourcefulness, Manroland’s engineering services teams in Germany and Taiwan overcame problems and other restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ROLAND 700 Evolution is a major step forward for Tazon in its effort to expand its business on the global stage.

Tazon was established in 1993, with headquarters in Changhu. In early 2008, the company ventured into the international market and set up a production base at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in the Philippines. Currently, Tazon has two subsidiaries in the Philippines.

The Taiwan-based multi-national company has seen steady growth through the years, as it developed into a prestigious manufacturer of packaging products such as color boxes and cartons. Its products are sold and widely used in the United States and in Southeast Asia.

Tazon has been in partnership with Manroland since its conception. Their first sheetfed offsets, a ROLAND 705 LV HiPrint and a ROLAND 706, played an important role in the company’s rapid development.

Because of a continuously growing business, and the demanding requirements of customers in terms of printing quality and lead time, Tazon ordered their new ROLAND 707 LV Evolution in 2020. The new machine is now hard at work.

A high degree of automation and its many attractive functions made the ROLAND 707 LV Evolution an easy choice for Tazon, according to the company’s managing director, Mr. Tom Tseng.

“A lot of automatic functions are added onto the new equipment,“ Mr. Tseng says „For example, after punching on the CTP machine, the APL (automatic plate loading) enables precise register, increases productivity and reduces sheet waste. The ColorPilot Spectro drive stabilizes color control and significantly improves the color print quality, which is particularly suitable for packaging printers.“

Mr. Tseng appreciates the technical expertise and hard work involved to install the ROLAND 707 LV Evolution during the pandemic, when travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantines and other virus curbs hindered work.

„The Manroland engineering service teams from Taiwan and Germany closely worked together to ensure the timely installation and commissioning. We do appreciate that,“ he says.

Mr. Tseng is not only satisfied with the premium print quality and productivity of ROLAND 700 Evolution, but also fully confident that the new machine will help them reach a broader international market. “The ROLAND 707 LV Evolution is a powerful tool as we look to boost our business,” he says.

Mr. David Kuo, General Manager of Manroland Taiwan, recommends the press to packaging printers.

„The new-generation ROLAND 700 Evolution not only maintains the renowned top print quality of ROLAND’s series of presses, but is also equipped with several helpful automated technologies,“ he says. „Therefore, it can meet the individualized needs of different market segments and enterprises of varying scale.“

Additionally, the ROLAND 707 LV Evolution comes with a ProServ 360° comprehensive performance management program, which Mr. Kuo describes as „the key to helping the users to maximize their machines’ performance.“

„I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Tseng for his trust in us,“ Mr. Kuo says. „We hope that the installation of the new machine would be the starting point for Tazon to leap to the next level!”

Mr. Tom Tseng, Managing Director, Tazon Color Paper Co. Ltd.
Tazon ordered a new ROLAND 707 LV EVOLUTION in the height of the pandemic in 2020. The new machine is now in full production

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