Manroland helps build new benchmark for packaging in the Northwest

Ningxia Hongde Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. introduces ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION

For a company that started out full of ambition, Ningxia Hongde Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. naturally favors a bold business approach and a smart choice in essential equipment.

And so as the demand for productivity and high-end tobacco packaging grows, Ningxia Hongde turned to Manroland for its production needs in these fast-changing times.

Situated in Wuzhong City on the Ningxia Plain, the company is the leading high-end cigarette packaging printer in the Northwest, a vast area covering the Ningxia Autonomous Region.

To accommodate more customers and to keep its standing as a print leader, Ningxia Hongde last year purchased a new eight-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press. Having been installed and put into production recently, the powerful machine is expected to propel the company to greater success.

Ningxia Hongde was founded in 2011 by a group of tobacco industry leaders adhering to the shared value ​​of “Country First, Consumers First.” Its chief aim was to actively support the development of the “Yellow River Charity Valley” in Ningxia. Hence, it is a poverty alleviation enterprise in Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, the largest ecological immigration area in the country.

Ningxia Hongde provides packaging for large-scale tobacco companies across the country. It has an annual production capacity for packaging of 400,000 boxes of cigarettes. Nearly 10 years of unremitting effort saw the company enjoy significant business growth and receive a number of awards such as “Top 50 Small and Medium Enterprises in the Autonomous Region,” “Specialized and Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises in the Autonomous Region,” and “Advanced Organization of Safe Production in the Autonomous Region.”

From the beginning, Ningxia Hongde relied on an eight-color ROLAND 700 with double coating module press as its key production machine. During nearly 10 years of operation, the ROLAND 700 helped the company achieve continuous business growth and build a new benchmark for cigarette packaging printers in the Northwest. That is due to its premium productivity, print quality and finishing capabilities. For these same reasons, the new-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION became the obvious choice of Ningxia Hongde when selecting a new machine.

“Tobacco packaging products have rigorous requirements — large quantity, high speed and high product quality,“ says Ms. Ma Guiqin, General Manager and General Secretary of the Party branch of Ningxia Hongde. „This poses tremendous challenges to us including the frontline production workers and the company managers.

„However, in terms of the equipment quality or the quality of printed products, we have been very satisfied with our Manroland machine, which has been running in our plant for almost a decade.“

Manroland’s reputation for quality and efficiency, she adds, is also „an important reason why it remains the first choice of many cigarette packaging printers.“

Speaking of Ningxia Honde’s investment on a ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, Ms. Ma says: “Looking at the future, the demand for printing technology is becoming more and more diversified, which raises the new requirements of the processing capacity of the printers; at the same time, we also hope to continuously improve our productivity and optimize the production process through automated technologies.

„The new-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION has made big improvements on user-friendliness and various automatic functions. Furthermore, its print quality is as brilliant as other Manroland printing machines. It meets all of our needs.“

Ms. Fanny Chan, Managing Director of Manroland Greater China, thanked Ms. Ma and Ningxia Honde for their trust in Manroland.

„With its outstanding print quality and processing capabilities, the new-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION has been well received by tobacco packaging printers since its launch,“ Ms. Chan says.

A ProServ 360° comprehensive performance management program comes with the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, assuring printers they can get maximum performance from their machine.

Ms. Ma assured Ningxia Hongde of Manroland’s full support so the company can „reach its target of robust development.“

Ningxia Hongde Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. introduced a eight-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press

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