Half a century of trust and innovation

Copag, a renowned and highly successful world leader in the playing card sector for more than a century, and a pioneer in the production of playing cards in Brazil, celebrates half a century of trust in Manroland technology.

The partnership began in the early 70’s, when Companhia Paulista de Papéis e Artes Gráficas, Copag, acquired its first ROLAND Rekord, a four-color press, installed in the company’s graphic park in the Brás neighborhood, in the capital of São Paulo.

When the factory was transferred to Manaus in 1987, the distance reinforced the need for the two companies to maintain close contact.

In the early 90s, Copag received its first ROLAND 700 to arrive in Brazil. Today the print shop has three Manroland sheetfed offset presses, the most recent of which has just completed three years of successful operation – the ROLAND 700 Evolution Ultima, and the second model installed, and which still continues to increase productivity and profitability at Copag.

From left to right: João Carlos Gonçalves (member of the Gonçalves family), Paulo Sergio Raimundo (President, Manroland Brasil), Luís Fernando Gonçalves (Controller, Copag), Peter Conrady (Executive Director, Manroland Sheetfed GmbH), Ana Carolina Corte Real Gonçalves (CEO, Copag), Kelly Sampaio (Managing Director, Copag) and Gelber Abe (Operations VP, Copag)

“From the beginning, we shared the same principles and values, guided by trust and empathy and like Copag, Manroland continues to modernize and look to the future, seeking to anticipate their customers’ needs” comments Ana Carolina Gonçalves, Copag fifth generation CEO.

“In the production process, this alliance reflects a fine-tuning between Manroland Service and our machine operators. Our good working relationship gives us total confidence to speak frankly about our projects” said Gelber Shigueaki Abe, Operations VP, Copag.

This is exactly what happened with the equipment installed in 2017 which was configured to meet Copag’s specific demands . At the time, a multidisciplinary team was formed which included board members, a print shop production team and experts from Manroland.

“It’s essential to have partners on our side that encourage us to evolve constantly, to rise above the ruler. Innovation guarantees longevity” affirms Ana Carolina.

ROLAND 700 Evolution Ultima

“As well as the technology, the maintenance contract also respects Copag’s business model” says Paulo Sergio Raimundo, President, Manroland Brasil. “We have technicians with more than 20 years experience, who are deeply familiar with Copag and the characteristics of its products. All this structure and expertise allows our relationship to flow very well”.

About Manroland Sheetfed

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading German producer of sheetfed offset litho printing presses. Founded in 1871, the company is one of the oldest producers of printing presses in the world. Today the company has its own subsidiaries in over 40 countries and is a global watchword for supreme quality and reliability. Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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