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Traditional Printers’ Transformation to Smart Manufacturing Seminar

Kunshan Kava, Manroland China and FUJIFILM China host successful event

The switch to smart manufacturing is inevitable, and it poses a great challenge to traditional printers in China. Advancements in technology have made production easier, faster and more cost-efficient, and it would be counterproductive for printers not to take advantage of these tools to grow their business.

Change is not always easy but with the help of experts and industry leaders, the transition to smart manufacturing from traditional methods would be as seamless as possible for printers.

With this in mind, a seminar was jointly organized by Kava Fast Printing Co. Ltd., Manroland (China) Ltd., and FUJIFILM Business Innovation (China) Corp to support printers in Kunshan and the entire region to explain what’s in store for them in this new age of printing.

The aim was to support printers to find the suitable path to smart manufacturing and developing the right business strategies.

The different municipal government departments in Kunshan supported the event.

During his speech, Mr. Wang Jianhua, Managing Director and General Manager of Kava Fast Printing Co. Ltd., talked of his company’s sophisticated automated logistics system and advanced concepts of smart manufacturing.

Dr. Peter Conrady, Head of Sales of Manroland Sheetfed GmbH, and Ms. Fanny Chan, Managing Director of Manroland Greater China, both attended the event online from Germany and Hong Kong, respectively. They were unable to travel because of restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Conrady once again emphasized the importance of the Chinese printing market. He also promised that Manroland will do its best to support Chinese printers in tackling various challenges.

Ms.Chan added that Manroland can support the customers to maximize print quality and product differentiation with Manroland’s advanced equipment and technologies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Guo Chuntao, Secretary General of China Printing Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, delivered a keynote speech onsite.

Mr. Guo said that the formation of China’s smart manufacturing was of ‚epoch-making significance‘ and enjoyed the strong support of the state. China’s smart manufacturing has no shortage of power, but capacity, he added.

Mr. Guo called on printer companies to steer smart manufacturing in the direction of the printing industry and identify the path on how this goal can be best achieved to transform and upgrade the industry as quickly as possible. He also believed that the prospects of Chinese printers would be promising as long as they seize the opportunities and adapt to the trends.

As the world’s leading supplier of printing solutions, Manroland not only provides printing equipment of premium performance, but also can tailor a series of outstanding smart production and management solutions for customers. The fully automatic printing production process, with the printing machine at its core, realizes fully automated printing production through press management system, material logistics system and the related inspection and control devices. Productivity is increased significantly

IntergrationPilot 2.0 helps customers to organize their production better. Nowadays the printers are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and streamline their operations. They have to produce more print jobs in less time while the average run lengths are decreasing. According to the study by the IRD (Institute for Rationalization in the Printing Industry), based on a reference period of four years, the printing companies in Germany have to process at least 25 percent more orders to maintain their revenue level. Manroland’s IntegrationPilot 2.0 helps customers to deal with this challenge.

Aupasys is Manroland’s automatic pallet system based on state-of-the-art technology, It can be upgraded to any level of automation required. Furthermore, as an integral component of the Manroland printing press, it is designed to ease the operator’s workload and increase the net production output with less waste.

FutureProof. In a marketplace changing quicker than ever before, it has become more difficult for the printing companies to predict what their print runs and customer structures will be in years to come. Success depends on how quickly they can react to industry changes and new customer needs. Manroland Sheetfed FutureProof packages are a cost-effective solution: faster make-ready processes (numerous QuickChange Modules), integrated color measurement and control technology (InlineColorPilot), sheet-cutting systems for processing reel paper (InlineSheeter), and sheet inspection (InlineInspector).

Manroland advocates the concept of autoprint smart. It’s how a smart and highly efficient press should be. The highest degree of automated offset printing can be realized with its One Touch press control.

„Transformation for Excellence, Innovation-led Future“. FUJIFILM Business Innovation (China) Corp. believes that packaging is highly important in communicating with and attracting consumers. Therefore, it is imperative to apply smart printing in packaging printing production. Achieving greater brand value and recognition requires the continuous exploration and development of innovation in cognition, materials and designs.

At the end of the seminar, the participants visited Kava Fast Printing Co. Ltd. facility. During the site visit, they not only experienced in person the highly efficient performance of Manroland’s presses, but also the advanced management concept shared by Kava which, they agree, is beneficial to business. Kava, meanwhile, was awarded by Manroland with the “The Best Strategic Partner 2021” honour for its great support to Manroland and also to this seminar. „WE ARE PRINT®“.

Mr. Wang Jianhua, Managing Director and General Manager of Kava Fast Printing Co. Ltd. shares the concept of smart transformation
Mr. Guo Chuntao, Secretary General of China Printing Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, delivers keynote speech
Manroland’s smart manufacturing and management — and what it means to printers
FUJIFILM’s Innovation-led Future explained
Manroland’s printing equipment at Kava Fast Printing Co. Ltd.
Mr.Roy Guo, Head of Operation, Sheetfed Division, Manroland Greater China (right) presents the award of „The Best Strategic Partner 2021“ to Mr. Wang Jianhua, Managing Director and General Manager of Kava Fast Printing Co. Ltd.
A toast to the successful staging of the Seminar on Traditional Printers’ Transformation to Smart Manufacturing

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