Steelworks Process and the handling of Steel Products

With over 75 years of international experience Wellman Booth continues to be a foremost supplier of continuous cycle heavy duty severe process and general purpose cranes for steelworks and associated steel product handling duties.

Cranes are generally custom designed to suit client's specific requirements by our team of experienced designers using the latest CAD and stress analysis technology and have been supplied to most major steelwork plants in the UK and several locations internationally.

Wellman Booth steel product handling cranes are used by many steel stockholder/distributors and operate in several shipyard and other general fabrication facilities throughout the world.

Upgrading, uprating and refurbishment of existing cranes is also a major part of our business.

Our experience as a long established specialist supplier of new cranes provides the confidence in relation to such work being undertaken safely and ensuring and that extension to crane life is duly authorised appropriately.

Machines for continuous duty steel works process and associated steel product handling include:-

  • Hot Metal Ladle cranes up to 500Tonne SWL

  • Scrap basket handling cranes

  • Hot and Cold Ingot Handling Cranes

  • Hot and Cold Slab and Billet Handling Cranes

  • Tundish Handling Cranes

  • Hot and cold coil handling cranes

  • Scrap Handling magnet and grabbing cranes

  • Section and plate handling Limited swing magnet beam cranes

  • General purpose and plant maintenance cranes

  • Ladle and basket transfer cars

According to the specific application features offered include:-

  • Dual load path or closed loop hoisting systems

  • DC or AC drives

  • Full vision climate control air conditioned driver's cabin

  • Remote Radio or Infra Red control

  • Condition monitoring