An investment for the life of your business

At the heart of Manroland’s drive for innovation and  product development is a quest for customised solutions to meet the specialised and ever-changing needs of its customers. As a manroland customer, you will not just be buying a ROLAND press you will be investing in an evolving system which will continue to add value to your business, year after year. With Manroland Inline systems, QuickChange technologies and SelectSystems, the versatility of our sheetfed presses is unique. Virtually all of our presses can print on board and a variety of substrates without the need for optional accessories. That significantly broadens the range of products a printer can produce, which vastly expands his marketplace opportunities.

PrintValue provides a level of customer care and after-sales support unmatched by any in the industry, along with an umbrella of services and process-compliant consumables, to ensure that every Manroland press sold continues to deliver optimum value and quality throughout its long service life.