Запасные и изнашиваемые части

Manroland гарантирует, что при установке оригинальных запасных и изнашиваемых частей, печатная машина будет всегда выдавать высокое качество печати и высокую производительность. Высокое качество наших запасных частей основано на внутреннем контроле качества и сертификации по DIN EN ISO 9001. На наших центральных складах в Германии, Азии и США, хранятся оригинальные части, таким образом мы можем осуществлять поставки в любую точку мира в самые короткие сроки.

With direct access to our experts in Germany, genuine factory spare parts and certified consumables backed by a network of over 40 subsidiaries and service partners worldwide, we are here to support you.


When it comes to building what is arguably the world’s finest press, it's the little things that matter. Like manufacturing the critical parts of all our presses to a tolerance of just 4 microns - more precise than a Swiss watch and up to 30 times finer than a human hair.  

One of the most important factors for perfect impressions is the correct sheet transfer in the press. Here, the highest precision in the sheet transfer, is required. Only a well maintained gripper closure will ensure accurate register tolerances. To keep this print quality over the lifetime of your press, we can help you with our ServiceKits.

ServiceKits are customised to the current state of the wear parts in your press and offer a unique price-performance ratio.

For example with our ServiceKit gripper we evaluate the condition of the sheet transfer on your press. We check and analyze the wearing state of all components that can significantly affect the sheet transfer, starting with the feed register to the printing units and transferters, right down to the delivery. Based on our findings, a service package will be tailored to your machine. This package offers a significant price advantage compared to ordering individual parts. Before and after the installation, we will do a test print of the register. This guarantees that the machine register has been optimized.

That is why you can expect over 600 million perfect impressions over the life of a Manroland Sheetfed press. 

If you also want to reduce your cost of ownership please contact your local Manroland partner.

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