ColorPilot systems - the fastest, most efficient way to measure color

ColorPilot is the well-proven high end density and colorimetry measurement and control solution from Manroland Sheetfed.

Color measurement systems are vital to standardized printing processes. The faster they work, the more you save in time and cost. The ColorPilot family from Manroland Sheetfed offers you the fastest color management system available.

The ColorPilot product range is so efficient, the entire measuring process takes place in only a few seconds, measuring densitometrical and colorimetrical values in a single pass.

The sheet is fixed with a vacuum system which enables a secure fixation even of very thin and thick materials. Due to the tilt correction within the measuring head it is possible to use the smallest 4 mm control strips. Using high end materials (Zeiss spectal module, glass interference filters, metal components instead of plastic), the system is very robust, reliable and delivers highly precise measuring data. A separate module for densitometric and spectral measurement ensures a simultaneous and standard-conform measurement.

InlineColour Pilot

ROLAND 700: Meet en controleert – non-stop – zonder vellen te moeten uitnemen. Dit spaart tijd en inschiet en verbetert de kleurstabiliteit en geeft een volledige detail van de productieloop. Bij gebruik van een hoge-resolutie CCD sensor, meet de InlineColorPilot de volledige drukcontrolestrip over drie vellen. De RGB flash illumination stemt overeen met de kleuren van de filters die gebruikt worden voor normale densitometrische metingen.

ROLAND 900, XXL: wanneer gemonteerd op wat beschouwd wordt als de snelste grootformaatpers ter wereld, produceert de InlineColorPilot consequent hoogkwalitatief drukwerk. De voordelen zijn: verminderde steltijden, betrouwbare metingen, minder inschiet, een lager energieverbruik, geen verstoring van de inkt- waterbalans en logboekregistratie van de productieperiode.


ColorPilot and ColorPilot Smart

Depending on the different configurations required, the ColorPilot family includes ColorPilot and ColorPilot Smart versions to meet particular customer needs based on the appliciation. This proven ColorPilot technology from Manroland Sheet provides a unique solution tailored to the customer's requirements but producing the same high quality end result. Manroland Sheetfed's PrintServices consultant will provide the best solution for your applciation. Contact your local office for more details.