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Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading global producer of sheetfed offset printing presses and related technologies for commercial, packaging and publishing applications. Founded in 1871 on the finest traditions of German engineering excellence, the company is a global watchword for quality, precision and supreme reliability.

Durante questa crisi Covid-19 la Manroland Sheedfed sta lavorando duramente per mantenere attivi i servizi essenziali. A tutti coloro che lavorano per rendere il mondo sicuro, grazie. Clicca qui per visualizzare il messaggio Covid-19 del Presidente del nostro Gruppo.


ROLAND 700 Evolution

All-new platform, designed from the ground up!

ROLAND 900 Evolution

New! Our much anticipated large format Evolution platform press.


Able to print 64 A4 pages in one pass and the ROLAND 900 XXL

Services packages tailored to your requirements

In the face of ever-fiercer competition, offset presses are expected to do much more than they ever have. Besides having to be highly reliable and consistent in their performance, they must also be capable of meeting newer and greater demands from print buyers. Professional service from the OEM is more vital than ever before in ensuring that production interruptions caused by breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum.

Online Spare Parts at your fingertips

Thanks to our e-commerce store, identifying and ordering spare parts for your Manroland Sheetfed press has never been easier. Faster and more convenient, the store can be securely accessed from any desktop or mobile device. We offer a comprehensive and growing list of genuine OEM spare parts specific to your Manroland press serial number to keep your investment functioning at full capacity and maximum productivity.  After all, who else knows your press as well as we do.

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Our family has just got a whole lot bigger.

MAY MAY 2020

Europe's largest Leading folding carton printer opts for Evolution


50 million impressions in 9 months