Recent News

2023. SZEPT. 11.

A pioneer in green environmental protection

2023. AUG. 16.

Open House to be held at Manroland Sheetfed HQ

2023. JÚL. 27.

Parent Company Interim Trading Statement Published Today

2023. JÚL. 6.

The first Evolution Elite Hybrid in the South of Brazil

2023. JÚN. 29.

Breaking through and pursuing excellence, Wenzhou·Longgang Seminar

2023. JÚN. 15.

Manroland China: Looking to the Future

2023. MÁJ. 30.

Rafael Penuela, CEO, Manroland Sheetfed GmbH, China Visit

2023. MÁJ. 15.

Forever Forward for premier Chinese print company

2023. MÁJ. 11.

Girls' Day at Manroland Sheetfed HQ Germany

2023. MÁRC. 14.

Strong partnership with Manroland to promote global application of 3D technologies

2023. FEBR. 27.

A Manroland Sheetfed korszerűsíti a németországi termelését.

2023. FEBR. 21.

Parent Company Annual Report & Accounts 2022