Recent News

2021. JÚL. 8.

Orders surge to 10 year record high at Manroland

2021. JÚN. 30.

R700 Evolution: outstanding quality that raises the level

2021. JÚN. 22.

Boosting production with cutting edge technology

2021. JÚN. 17.

Excellence through smart transformation

2021. ÁPR. 15.

R700 Evolution: Four years of high performance investment

2021. ÁPR. 9.

Manroland helps build new benchmark for packaging in the Northwest

2021. ÁPR. 1.

ROLAND 700 Evolution assists Taiwan-based Tazon to reach a broader international market

2021. MÁRC. 29.

A Manroland Sheetfed felveszi a HD’s "Mr Large Format” urat.

2021. MÁRC. 25.

Leading North-Eastern region packaging firm implements the fastest packaging press EVER.

2021. MÁRC. 17.

Potts Print UK invest in a ROLAND 700 Evolution Elite press

2021. FEBR. 16.

Parent Company Annual Report & Accounts 2020 available for download

2021. FEBR. 15.

Manroland Sheetfed opens the taps as pre-crisis order levels return