Recent News

2022. SZEPT. 1.

New Managing Director, Manroland Sheetfed India.

2022. AUG. 31.

Manroland Sheetfed sales reflect the maturity of the Indian packaging converters

2022. AUG. 18.

The first ROLAND 900 Evolution in China goes to May Cheong Group

2022. AUG. 3.

Avestar Packaging starting from the world’s largest format packaging printing

2022. JÚL. 29.

Parent Company Interim Trading Statement 2022

2022. JÚL. 15.

The first session of Manroland printing technology training was successfully completed

2022. JÚN. 24.

Júniusban nyílik meg a Manroland Kína Nyomtatástechnológiai Központja

2022. JÚN. 23.

Grand Opening of Manroland China Print Technology Center

2022. JÚN. 2.

Chinese packaging printer selects Manroland's latest technology

2022. MÁJ. 30.

Langley Holdings’ Gladiator powers to a convincing win in Baiona

2022. ÁPR. 12.

Building a centenary printing brand name for Xing'an

2022. MÁRC. 28.

New ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION installed in Estonia at Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja