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– Dongguan Donghui Packaging Products Co., Ltd. introduced its first ROLAND 705 LV Evolution Lite 3B plus format

January 17, 2022 (Dongguan) – Founded in 2013, Dongguan Donghui Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (thereinafter referred to Donghui Packaging) is a modern packaging printer whose service covers design, production, CTP plate making and printing. It specializes in premium quality print products, such as delicate silk prints, catalogues, color boxes, instruction manuals, stickers, and plastic boxes. In addition, in the era of diversified information business, in order to tackle the intense market competition, the company passed and implemented the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management system certifications in 2014.

Thanks to its excellent quality, good service and high integrity, the company has been well received by its customers since its establishment, enjoying a good reputation in the printing service industry. With its strong capability, it has rapidly grown into a leader in the packaging printing industry for less than ten years.

In order to further develop the business and provide better services to the customers, Mr. Wang Wei, general manager of the company, proposed, «We must further shorten the lead time, improve product quality, replace the labor intensive with machine automation, significantly increase the productivity and effectively reduce the total production cost”.

Hence, after the comprehensive and meticulous market research and comparison, Donghui Packaging has collaborated with Manroland for the first time by introducing a brand new ROLAND 705 LV Evolution Lite 3B plus format. The new machine has been successfully installed and officially put into production by now. Mr. Wang said, «The printing speed of our newly installed sheetfed offset is up to 18,200 sheets per hour in addition to a wide variety of the world’s most advanced automatic packaging printing technologies. It will definitely improve our company’s color printing of high precision, high standard and high speed. ​​

With the futuristic design and numerous innovative technologies, the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION aims to significantly improve the production efficiency, operation and print quality. Its unique advantages in the printing speed, productivity, automation, and 3B plus format fully meet the development requirements of Donghui Packaging. In the following, four of its innovative technologies which help the company to increase its productivity and print quality, shorten the lead time, and effectively reduce the total production cost will be highlighted.

«Visual» Operating System

Based on the concept of «visualization», the operating system integrates various adjustment functions such as ink key control, registration adjustment, ink roller and ink flow adjustment onto the touch- screen, which provides the operators with the more ergonomic interface and more convenience in operation. In addition, coupled with the integrated job index function, the productivity of operators can be increased to a very large extent.


The feeder head is strengthened and fixed, which reduces both the risk of downtime of the feeder head and vibration. Adjustments can be done without the use of tools, which greatly improves the efficiency of operators. Furthermore, when printing thinner substrates, the sheet transport stability is greatly enhanced, and the risk of downtime is lowered. In addition, the automatic paper skew correction is carried out through the sheet transfer suction belt. It is hard to cause deformation when printing on a lightweight substrate thanks to the concave design of the suction belt.

Inking and Dampening Units

The unique features include TripleFlow inking unit, intelligent speed compensation for inking and dampening units, and effective anti-ghosting solutions. Moreover, the TripleFlow inker delivers more control than any other comparable technology on the market. With three different ink distributions at the push of a button, it offers high color consistency during the whole print run and drastic savings in waste. In addition, the dampening roller system, which has been newly optimized, not only has a better anti-ghosting effect, but also at the same time can significantly shorten the cleaning time and increase the efficiency of job changes.

3B plus format (optional configuration)

Compared with the 3B format, the 3B plus format (1060 mm x 780 mm) is only 30 mm more in width. However, the productivity of one run could be increased by up to 50% depending on the different print jobs. The reason lies in the way of imposition. Under the hypothetically extreme circumstance, certain print job is allowed to print only one page on one sheet because of the size. However, if the sheet size is 30mm wider, two pages can be done on one sheet. Thus, its productivity and the yields of the substrates could be increased by 100%. More importantly, it saves the material cost and time, further improves the overall productivity and shortens the lead time. Hence, the 3B plus format is particularly suitable for the packaging printers, such as Donghui Packaging.

«Only by keeping pace with the world’s advanced technology, could we continuously meet the customer requirements, achieve sustainable development, and stay ahead in the highly competitive packaging printing market. In the future, upholding our corporate philosophy of ‘integrity, harmony, and hard work’, we will strive to promote the sustainable development of the packaging printing industry», continued Mr. Wang.

Donghui Packaging – Keeping pace with the world’s advanced technology
Donghui Packaging introduced and successfully installed a brand new ROLAND 705 LV Evolution
The picture shows a group photo of Donghui Packaging with its partner and customer. On the right side of the picture is Mr. Wang, general manager of Donghui packaging

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