ROLAND Presses Range

At the heart of Manroland’s drive for innovation and product development is a quest for customised solutions to meet the specialised and ever-changing needs of its customers. Printers are not buying a ROLAND press but investing in an evolving system with our FutureProof package, designed to add value to your business.

ROLAND 700 Evolution

The ROLAND 700 Evolution supersedes both the ROLAND 700 HS and the ROLAND 700 Direct Drive, on an all-new platform. Designed from the ground up and incorporating a sleek, futuristic look, the latest generation ROLAND 700 incorporates many new technological developments, aimed to give printers unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, operation and quality.


Stimulate your senses. Wake your emotions. Seeing, smelling and touching are qualities that make printed goods unique, attractive and more valuable. The OnePass® technology in the ROLAND 700 Evolution provides you with these new possibilities.


Able to print 64 A4 pages in one pass in size 8, the ROLAND 900 XXL perfector is able to meet and exceed all the challenges of large format sheetfed offset printing. Furthermore, three additional formats (7, 7B & 7B Plus) are ideal for individual customer demands.


The ROLAND 500 offers the world’s flattest sheet travel and even with substrates up to 1 mm thick and speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour it delivers outstanding printing quality. Three different height settings for the transferter gripper bars allow sheets from 0.04 mm to 1 mm to be transported through the press gently and virtually contact-free over the air tracks.