Outstanding print quality has been a notable feature of the ROLAND 700 series since its conception, and even after several hundred million impressions, users are still; continually impressed at the superb finishes achieved. Today, this has not changed; the new-generation ROLAND 700 Evolution surpasses all other brands.

Features and Benefits
Touch operation on large 23 inch screens
New operating interface
Intuitive and transparent
Smartphone-like operation
High user friendliness
Intelligent InfoScreen for additional visualization e.g. Operating software modules
Full operation from feeder

EcoLogic Pilot

  • Monitoring the power consumption
  • Integrated into PressManagement Software IntegrationPilot plus
  • A better understanding of the energy consumption of the press and its peripherals
  • Can be used for job-related CO2 emission compensation
  • Measuring all connected power supply lines
  • Usable for multiple machines