Manroland’s InlineFoiler is a groundbreaking enhancement solution that meets  market demands for more creative, more eye-catching and more vibrant print.

Using the InlineFoiler, printers can cold foil and overprint a full spectrum of colours inline on a broad range of substrates in a single pass and it can be combined with delicate embossing and effect or spot coatings or varnishes for maximum impact.

It is compatible with all presses in the ROLAND 700 B1 & 500 B2 series and can be used with conventional or UV inks, the InlineFoiler delivers exact print and foil registration, more precisely, more cost-effectively and quicker than any hot foil process available on the market.

Enhanced print means clear product differentiation for marketers and retailers and being a patented high value technology it offers a strong return on investment for printers.

 Benefits For Marketers And Print Buyers

  • ‘Stand-out’ eye catching retail and POP solution
  • Unlimited creativity in design
  • Bold, superior finish
  • Strong value VS cost ratio
  • Durable, detailed effects

Benefits For Printers

  • Strong return on investment
  • Print-length indexing for foil feed – significant cost savings
  • Multicolour inline overprinting
  • Conventional and UV inks
  • Key differentiator against the competition

According to a survey of print buyers conducted by PrintCity and PRINTPlusX* more than 50 percent believed enhanced print increased the value of print by 10-30 percent.

Fifty-three percent of respondents also stated that they would expect a higher value consumer product to be associated with marketing collateral or packaging that had been foiled or coated.

* PRINTPlusX – The secrets of value-added print survey 2009