IntegrationPilot plus

Fully informed
IntegrationPilot plus is a new development that provides comprehensive production data collection for the pressroom. IntegrationPilot plus supplements complete job preparation with automatic and detailed production data collection that can be used for analysis purposes. Which job was printed at what time? Why was there downtime? Which production time has to be added to final costing?

IntegrationPilot plus delivers the data for all production times, auxiliary times, classified downtimes, plus good sheets and waste sheets to a Management Information System – in JDF/JMF format, as well as CSV data format for Excel evaluation. This automatic production data collection function, combined with manual inputs of press downtime, provides optimal transparency and the potential to increase productivity. A prerequisite for IntegrationPilot plus is PressManager perfect.

Benefits of IntegrationPilot plus

  • Precise and complete process time collection
  • Precise and complete material collection
  • Provision of data to external systems
  • Output of the collected production data as a detailed day sheet