ROLAND 700 Evolution - the new standard in press technology.

The legend has evolved.

The ROLAND 700 Evolution supersedes both the ROLAND 700 HS and the ROLAND 700 Direct Drive, on an all-new platform. Designed from the ground up and incorporating a sleek, futuristic look, the latest generation ROLAND 700 incorporates many new technological developments, aimed to give printers unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, operation and quality.

Features & Benefits
Ergonomic operating user interface with touch-screens
Direct Drive technology
Total efficiency at 18,000 sph
Feeder, delivery and dampening units specially designed for high-speed production
Unique features include TripleFlow inking unit, intelligent speed compensation for inking and dampening units, effective anti-ghosting solutions
Optional 750 x 1,050 mm sheet size for maximum multiple-up images

Next Generation Central Console

Among these new developments are a newly designed central console with touch-screen control, a new feeder pile transport that cuts down on waste, Manrolands’ new suction belt sheet handling technology for a more even pile contour, all-new dampening units in the press, bearings that significantly reduce vibration and, when used with the sophisticated software for practice-oriented roller washing cycles, further reduces downtime. The result is enhanced productivity and print quality alongside a further lowering of production costs.

Roland 700 Evolution ULTIMA®

Discover the world of inline enhancements with OnePass® technology from Manroland Sheetfed.

Stimulate your senses. Wake your emotions. Seeing, smelling and touching are qualities that make printed goods unique, attractive and more valuable. The OnePass® technology in the ROLAND 700 Evolution provides you with these new possibilities.


Max. speed:

  • 16,000 sheets/h

  • 18,000 sheets/h*

Sheet size:

  • Standard format:

    740 mm x 1,040 mm
  • Optional format:

    750 mm x 1,050 mm*
  • Format 3B Plus:

    780 mm x 1,050 mm*

Image area:

  • Standard format:

    715 mm x 1,030 mm
  • Optional format:

    730 mm x 1,040 mm*
  • Format 3B Plus:

    770 mm x 1,040 mm*

Substrate thickness range:

  • 0.04 mm to 1.0 mm

  • *Available as an option.