Print Technology Center Be aware and make the lead 

The Print Technology Center (PTC) in Offenbach offers ideal conditions to get acquainted with the best offset printing technology and to test our systems. From development to commercialization, the Print Technology Center offers a full range of multidisciplinary services: mechanical, electronic, process and extensive know-how in prepress and printing.

Over the past 100 years, offset printing has seen steady progress, the PTC provides an excellent combination of know-how and skills to continue this tradition of innovation. Collaborate with us to develop new solutions or test products under laboratory conditions. We offer everything you need to get an advantage over the competition: research and development, optimization of marketing, implementation of tests on pilot systems and trainings of operators.

In the PTC printing demonstrations are tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Together with our technical team, you can test the technology you need by helping you make investment decisions on a long-term, sustainable foundation. Whether your goal is to increase the productivity of your operations or improve the quality of your printed products: you will exceed your limits with high value-added printing.

The PTC is also a test and demonstration center for services offered by PrintServices ®, PrintCom ®, printnetwork ® and printadvice ®. Increase your skills to stay ahead