At Manroland we build what many consider to be the world's finest sheetfed presses. The print quality and longevity of our presses are quite simply legendary. This you already know.

But did you know that from time to time we also offer select preowned ROLAND presses for sale?

If you are considering buying a pre-owned press, talk to us. We only offer the best examples of pre-owned ROLAND presses and we only use Manroland certified technicians to dismantle and re-install the presses we supply to end users. 

We also only offer pre-owned ROLAND presses to end users that have a certifiable service history; machines that we have normally known from new and can vouch for their maintenance record.

Buy a pre-owned press from Manroland and you can be sure that you are buying the best. And of course we will be there for you to make sure that once your pre-owned ROLAND is installed, you keep on getting the best from your investment in the future.

If you wish to trade in your current press, please email us at for a valuation.

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