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The 2018 Manroland VIP Tour goes to Kunshan Kava

More than 250 printing professionals from eastern, northern and southern China gathered together at the Kava Printing Co., Ltd., in Kunshan City, the premier top 100 national economic counties in China for the “2018 Manroland VIP Tour”. Intensive technical and business interactions between participants and Manroland experts are held. The event touched on a wide range of topics such as the latest technologies in print, applications and implementation of the 'smart printshop'. Visitors also experienced first-hand the highly efficient production of a ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Ultima press at Kunshan Kava, which is equipped for the latest applications in print and a wide range of automation.

Attending were Mr. Kurt Herrmann, Managing Director of Manroland Greater China; Mr. Samuel Tam, General Manager of Printing Equipment and Marketing, and Mr. Roy Xu, Head of Printservices and Parts. The company’s Senior Technical Experts were also on hand to impart their knowledge to the guests followed by a lively Q&A session.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Herrmann mentioned the the importance of “inspecting, discussion and sharing of ideas” among printing and packaging industry members in order to “continuously improve the level of technology and management.” “and in the current situation of changes in the domestic and international economic environment, I hope this interaction and communication platform will bring more inspiration for future development,” he said.

Mr. Wang Jianhua, General Manager of Kunshan Kava Printing Co., Ltd., proudly speaks of the company’s history of more than 20 years; with growth and technological development, Mr. Wang said, the scale of business, production capacity and production methods had greatly improved. During the Tour, he expresses Kava’s willingness to work together with industry peers to promote the development of Chinese printing.

Mr. Tony Kang, Sales Manager Manroland North China presented the technical attributes below of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press now the centerpiece at Kava.

Ultima. As the flagship model of the Manroland 3B format product line, the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION has been widely recognized by printing companies since its launch in 2015. The Ultima model of the new-generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION is designed for process innovation. A variety of varnishing, printing and foiling enhancements for high-end packaging and commercial business can be accomplished with one-pass production. With such unlimited possibilities in production come greater profits. Whether it's higher quality requirements, extremely complex printing processes, fewer print runs or shorter lead times, Ultima presses can easily meet these challenges.

InlineFoiler. As the main promoter of inline cold foil technology, Manroland launched this innovative in-line finishing solution for the first time at Drupa 2004. The new-generation InlineFoiler 2.0 with index function was officially launched at Drupa 2016 and welcomed by printers from all over the world. Currently, this top value-added asset can be configured on Ultima presses according to requirements. The InlineFoiler is extremely flexible and can be set up either at the beginning or at the end of the printing unit, as required. Excellent surface enhancement can be achieved on the printed sheet, providing more space for value-added priniting. This greatly enhances the market competitiveness of the printing enterprise.

InlineColorPilot and InlineRegister. As an intelligent printing factory is becoming an industry trend, the demand for automated solutions for printing processes also increases significantly. By configuring the InlineColorPilot and InlineRegister into the press, printing color can be automatically measured, controlled and adjusted during full-speed production without the need to pull out the printed sheet for checks or inspections. This dramatically increases production efficiency. Color stability for the entire print job is greatly improved, production waste is reduced. What’s more complete production operation data are recorded for subsequent product analysis.

AUPASYS material logistics system. Digitization is a prerequisite for an intelligent printing factory. The automatic, efficient and smooth flow of printed materials and job information in the production facility is another important requirement. The AUPASYS Logistics System from Manroland offers a complete logistics solution from paper stack transport to fully automated non-stop devices, matching the IntegrationPilot 2.0 press management system to create a fully automated job process solution.

UV/LED curing technology. As the latest in curing technology, LED UV can now be configured in all ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION presses including Ultima. LED UV curing technology saves energy, protects environment and improves processing efficiency. More vivid colors on various substrates are possible, productivity is boosted and costs are reduced, bringing huge economic benefits to printing companies.

Print supplies and green printing. As a strong advocate of green printing, Manroland provides a product portfolio including printcom supplies series, magicpix series and the Crystal dampening filtration system to help printing companies implement green printing in the Chinese market. It also helps them achieve higher quality print production at lower costs, making them more profitable.

Founded in 1995, Kava has grown rapidly in recent years. Bold moves have been made including the setting-up of an intelligent printshop, productive machine fleet, material logistics system and information management system. Once the newfactory is officially put into production, Kava will venture into top-tier packaging printing in East China and beyond.

Ms. Jerry Liu, Regional Sales General Manager from Manroland, talks to the audience about the technological advantages of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Ultima presses and an intelligent printing factory. Participants of the “2018 Manroland VIP Tour” in Kunshan City would do well to heed expert advice and put their newly acquired knowledge to work. Adhering to the "Customer first" service principle, Manroland will continue to create a brighter printing future with customers through superior equipment, cutting-edge technology, quality service and all-round printing solutions. We are print!

Mr. Kurt Herrmann (right) and Mr. Wang Jianhua (left) welcome the participants to the VIP Tour event

Kurt Herrmann, Manroland, thanks Mr. Wang Jianhua, Kava Printing, for a splendid event.

The highly automated, nine-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION is a big hit among the audience..

Cold foiling, double coating, LED curing, printed sheets with amazing enhancement effects are finished within a few minutes.

Technical interaction and reception dinner.

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