Leading Estonian publisher invests in Roland technology

OÜ Print Best has further boosted productivity at their printing works by investing in the new ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION and a ROLAND 700 HiPrint perfecting press, thanks to technologies such as the InlineColorPilot and Simultaneous Plate Loading.

OÜ Print Best specializes in single and multi color soft and hardcover books. The Viljandi, Estonia, based company prints 2.5 million hardcover books annually.

With oodles of experience in hardcover book printing, OÜ Print Best know the in's and out's of the business and what works best in production to speed up the process to meet the tightest deadlines.

About 85% of the books are exported to Scandinavian and Nothern European countries. Technology is a big reason for the success of Print Best throughout its 18-year history. With the world’s most advanced technologies driving its production, the Estonian printer has turned out quality products without fail from the time it was founded in 1997.

One such smart investment was the ROLAND 708 HiPrint Perfector it purchased in 2010.

"Expanding yearly production volume means effective color management and shorter make-ready times are paramount to our operation" says the company’s General Manager, Mr. Tanel Venderström.

Those two fundamental factors and satisfactory performance of the existing machines helped influence Print Best's decision to acquire more Manroland presses.

The latest machines added to the stable were a five-color ROLAND 705 EVOLUTION HighSpeed with InlineColorPilot and an eight-color ROLAND 708 HiPrint Perfector with Simultaneous Plate Loading and InlineColorPilot which will help boost productivity and further improve product quality.


The InlineColorPilot automatically detects and corrects inline even the slightest color variation. With the application of both InlineRegister and InlineColorPilot, the precise color register and color management can be done simultaneously. This ensures consistently high print quality and color over the entire run and saves significant make-ready time and labor cost. For Print Best and its clients, this is definitely a positive development.

Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL)

SPL allows for the printing plates in all the printing units to be changed at the same time. Furthermore, the blanket and impression cylinder can be washed automatically in conjunction with the plate change.

Shorter make-ready times

With the shortened make-ready time, Print Best can increase overall productivity, lower total production cost and thus gain more profits.

In the long run, the company's competitiveness and profitability can be greatly enhanced, strengthening its leading position in the market.

“The high efficiency and premium print quality of these two new presses will help us provide high standard products to our customers,’’ Mr. Venderström says. “In addition, the plate size compatibility with the existing machines offers us considerable convenience and to maintain our number one position in book production in Estonia, we have partnered with Manroland by constantly investing in forward-thinking technologies and modern technical solutions.’’

Mr. Denis Volgin, Sales Manager for Manroland Baltics commented: “With its latest technologies OÜ Print Best is emerging from the fierece competetion and becoming one of the top players in the baltics printing market. With the latest production facilities to highly automatic workflow, we proud to help OÜ Print Best in meeting future challenges.“

Highly automatic configurations on the two new machines renovate the productivity at OÜ Print Best in Estonia

About Manroland Sheetfed

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