ROLAND 700 HiPrint is the path to Jianfeng’s growth plan

A brand-new ROLAND 705 LV is an integral part of Jianfeng Printing Co's expansion plans.

Jianfeng Printing is a successful Chinese company specializing in packaging printing as well as book and magazine printing. The company is planning an all-out campaign to gain a foothold in the pharmaceutical packaging print market and an integral part of this project was to invest in a new ROLAND 705 LV press.

“The consistency in performance of the ROLAND press over many years has been premium and gives us the confidence to invest once again in Manroland technologies,” said company chairman Mr. Jianfeng Yang.

“As we would like to drive our business growth in the pharmaceutical packaging products market, the ROLAND 705 LV can meet all our needs with its excellent print quality, high productivity, different finishing effects and low-cost applications.”

“Furthermore, ROLAND presses are famous for packaging printing. They’re exactly what we need to drive our business development. In addition, the designs of ROLAND presses are user-friendly. Hence, operators prefer ROLAND machines.”

Jianfeng Printing’s facility is located in Dalian, a vibrant coastal city in North China. Founded in 1999, the company has established a solid reputation in the mainland printing industry. It has various certifications, including ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System, ISO14001: 2004 International Environment Management System, and US UL Product Safety System. On top of this, Jianfeng Printing has made smart investments in the world’s advanced printing technologies. For example, it had installed a ROLAND 704 years before.

With a staff of 270, Jianfeng Printing has annual sales of more than RMB 150 million and annual production capacity of RMB 210 million. The company can produce 2.8 billion labels, 6,56 million books, magazines and instruction books, and 1.8 billion packing cartons annually.

With the installation of the ROLAND 705 LV, Mr. Jianfeng Yang is confident of leading his company to even greater success particularly in its target market: pharmaceutical packaging products.

Left to right: James Zhang, Regional General Manager North China of Manroland Sheetfed Division & Mr.Yang Jianfeng,Managing Director of Dalian Jianfeng Printing Co., Ltd

The ROLAND 705 LV is an integral part of Dalian Jianfeng’s growth plan

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