Foresight and loyalty combined as Escala 7 acquires new press

Leading Brazilian packaging printer installs ROLAND 706 LV EVOLUTION hybrid press for both conventional and UV inks

Escala 7’s decades-long association with Manroland Sheetfed has just gone a step further after the leading Brazilian packaging printer acquired a ROLAND 706 LV EVOLUTION hybrid.

Since the company was founded in 1976, Escala 7 has been using ROLAND technology, which they say has helped contribute to the success and expansion of their thriving print business.

Escala 7 initially was involved in publishing and packaging print, but in 1982, the company decided to focus on the packaging and sales display markets. The growth since has been nothing short of phenomenal. No wonder Escala 7’s facility has expanded the facility from 4,600 square metres since its formation, to 14,000 square metres today. It is now one of Brazil's leading packaging and sales display printers.

Mr. Antonio Carlos Brusco, the owner of Escala 7, firmly believes that excellent product quality is the key to Escala 7’s success, and explains why they attach great importance to quality control.

Mr. Brusco said “Escala 7 is certified to ISO9001-2008 and meets the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The company is also certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which is part of our commitment to environmental protection and environment-friendly practices".

“We have been using only Manroland presses since the company was established, which is why we can provide our customers with the excellent quality in which they trust,”

The company operates a ROLAND 800 and two ROLAND 700's, all performing solidly through the years.

However today, in order to meet increasing market requirements, the company decided to add tot he fleet by investing in a new ROLAND 706 LV EVOLUTION hybrid (conventional and UV inks).

With functions like SPL (Simultaneous Plate Loading System), InlineColorPilot and InlineInspector, the press is particularly configured for fast set-ups and high printing quality.

With a printing speed of up to 18,200 sheets/hour, the ROLAND 706 LV EVOLUTION is equipped with SPL that enables Escala 7 to print more jobs with reduced make-ready time, thereby significantly increasing productivity.

Another important optional configuration in the machine is the InlineColorPilot. This guarantees outstanding and consistent printing quality. It is suitable for packaging printers who are concerned about the color consistency of each print product. And to warrant a zero fault production, the machine is also configured with InlineInspector, which will detect even the smallest hickeys, splashes, scratches, creases, streaks, scumming or smearing, just as reliably as it will detect color deviations or substrate defects.

Moreover, Escala 7’s ROLAND 706 LV EVOLUTION comes with two special performance packages (Plastic Package and UV Flex Package). That allows them to print not only on cardboard (with conventional or UV inks) but also on plastic (with UV inks and coatings).

The machine is geared for the future and ready to use LEC-UV dryers (not only conventional UV).

Mr Brusco: “With foresight and the strong support from Manroland Sheetfed, we hope to provide our customers with quality products at less cost and in a faster, more efficient way.

Leading Brazilian packaging printer, Escala 7 invests in a ROLAND 706 LV EVOLUTION hybrid press.

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