Print China 2015

Manroland Sheetfed went against the traditional way of taking equipment to an event; instead they held a stunning mapping show to interpret its full range of premium printing solutions. This futuristic way of presenting not only made history at the event but took the audiences by surprise with a "dazzling" and impressive performance of Manroland technology.

Mr. Kurt Herrmann, Managing Director of Manroland Greater China, said, "Upholding our exhibition slogan of ‘one touch for the future’ we decided not to follow traditional exhibiting practice; instead a dynamic mapping show introducing the audiences to the advanced features of the new generation ROLAND 700 HiPrint, such as SPL (Simultaneous Plate Loading), InlineFoiler and QuickChange technologies etc. meant they could experience 'one touch' printing by visual and auditory senses. "

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a world leader in the design and build of sheetfed offset presses offering print solutions for commercial and packaging applications. We are responsible for some of the most ground breaking technologies in the printing industry. Today we continue to shape the sheetfed print market with innovative solutions, offering everything you have come to expect from the very best of German press engineering.
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