ROLAND 700 Zero Time Plate Changing

The world's fastest make-ready press -- short run efficiency that no other press can match

This multi-tasking, multiple award-winning champion is the world's first offset press with an independent electronic drive and a patented double-clutch system. This dramatically reduces make-ready times, making it perfect for short run productivity and uncompromised print quality.

Manroland's unique DirectDrive technology offers plate changing on 2 to 12 printing units at the same time as other make-ready functions are being performed. The result is 'zero time' plate changing.

The 700 DirectDrive comes with a range of Manroland's QuickChange modules as standard, including QuickChange Job.

'Zero time' plate changing for maximum production efficiency
Simultaneous cleaning of rollers and blankets/impression cylinders
Simultaneous plate change and feeding in the ink profile for the next print job
On-press print length adjustment for time-saving 'on-the-fly' corrections
Simultaneous fully Automatic Plate Loading (APL®)
Electronically controlled start-up for repeat jobs
High substrate versatility for greater customer choice
Multiple unique features to enhance print quality including TripleFlow inking unit, intelligent speed compensation for inking and dampening units as well as effective anti-ghosting solutions