InlineCoater and InlineCoater smart

Coating in the printing process provides effects, and not only that. Whereas at the beginning of the 30-year success story of inline coating the focus was on surface protection, print buyers were soon increasingly more interested in the manifold effects this technology offers at a reasonable cost: matt, gloss and lustrous effects could provide great advertising appeal -- and could be all produced in one inline process. The ROLAND InlineCoater wrote history.

InlineCoater Smart
Inline coating has been common practice for many years, above all for packaging printers who coat almost every job. More and more commercial printers are interested in inline coating as well but since most of them only coat occasionally they cannot justify the cost of a coating module with extended delivery. This is why manroland has developed the ROLAND InlineCoater smart. This system is very suitable for occasional and simple applications of dispersion coating (protective and matt or gloss coating) on paper and light board. The printing unit equipped with the ROLAND InlineCoater smart can be changed over from printing to coating and vice versa within a reasonable time. It can be fitted to the last printing unit of all ROLAND 700 straight printing or perfecting presses. An IR/hot-air drying system specially modified to suit the standard delivery ensures good drying results.