Trendsetting print house adopts LED UV Drying

Swedish commercial printer TelloGruppen AB adopts latest LED UV drying technology for its eight-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint press

Located in Söderköping in southern Sweden, TelloGruppen AB is a successful family-owned printing house specializing in commercial printing, both offset and digital. In the 35 years since its formation, TelloGruppen AB has grown steadily and has also built a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

We have succeeded by listening to customers, adopting the latest technology, working hard, investing in quality and protecting the environment’’ says Mr. Magnus Ringqvist, the company’s director “Moreover, we maintain very competitive prices.

The company invested in an eight-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint in 2010, which at the time represented a huge step for them in improving print quality and production efficiency. Customer requirements were changing rapidly based on the market environment, and TelloGruppen started to think what else they could do to shorten the lead time and enhance print quality. They required the drying time to be closer to zero. After a comprehensive consultation with Manroland Sheetfed, LED UV emerged as the best choice for the company.

LED UV technology is built on a combination of special LED UV lamps and highly reactive UV ink. Designed for faster curing results and premium curing quality, it has numerous advantages. It’s a big energy saver and it allows for instant drying and immediate post-press production. LED UV is also highly resistant to scratches and abrasions and encourages eco-friendly production because it doesn’t emit ozone and doesn’t use powder.

LED UV was ideal for our customers operation, for example, zero drying time and excellent print quality especially on uncoated papers” says Mr. Björn Gustafsson, Managing Director of Manroland Nordic. Mr. Ringqvist highly satisfied with the curing result of LED UV technology said: “It looks like it’s coated, but it’s not. What’s more, there is no powder, which is more environmental friendly.” He notes that with LED UV technology, a “black page is really black. Usually only a grayish color could be achieved without the use of LED UV.”

Mr. Gustafsson has no doubt that LED UV technology will have a huge impact on Tello Gruppen’s production. “LED UV provides TelloGruppen with new capabilities’’ he says. “As lead time is significantly shortened and the print quality meets the requirements of customers, they will certainly be able to attract more new customers and grow their business further.”

LED technology can be retrofitted to the majority of ROLAND press formats.

At drupa 2016, visitors of the Manroland Sheetfed booth were able to experience and wonders of LED UV drying showcased on the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION.

Premium print quality and shorter lead time have been achieved at Tello Gruppen with the LED upgrade program on its eight-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint press.

Manroland Sheetfed showcased the lastest integration of LED technology on the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION at drupa 2016.

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