Tianjin Mohi adds another ROLAND 700 to its fleet

Established in early 2004, Tianjin Mohi Paper Printing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale packaging printer specializing in corrugated cardboard as well as middle- and high-end paper boxes in North China. With an annual turnover of RMB 1 billion, the group has more than 1,500 high-qualified staff members in its six major production facilities in the area surrounding Bohai Sea.

In order to maintain its status as a first-class Chinese packaging printer and continue to meet customers’ strict quality requirements for their products, Tianjin Mohi ordered a new five color ROLAND 700 HiPrint in 3B plus format from Manroland in the year.

Tianjin Mohi's Managing Director, Mr. Zheng Maohai, said the company is determined to play its part in making Chinese packaging products "more competitive" in the global market. Top goals can only be met "with hard work and highly efficient service,'' Mr. Zheng added.

"Since our company was established, it has been our mission to print first-class packages. To accomplish this mission, we need high-quality, high efficiency and low cost production." With the brand-new ROLAND 700 HiPrint, Tianjin Maohai is confident it has a press that can drive the company forward.

Printing quality is never an issue with Manroland. With more than 100 years of research, development and manufacturing, Manroland has become synonymous with excellence in printing. The premium performance of the ROLAND 905 LV at Tianjin Maohai over the years is solid proof of this. Things are bound to get even better now that they've gotten a ROLAND 700 series -- the world’s best-selling sheetfed offset model. Print quality and printing speed will definitely be boosted.

Manroland’s 3B plus format is also highly efficient and cost-effective. It is the largest format of its kind in the market, with sheet size of 1050 mm x 780 mm. That is only 10 mm more in length and 40 mm more in width when compared with the 3B format(1040 mm x 740 mm). However, big gains can be realized from such a small increase in sheet size. For some occasions, only one page can be printed on one sheet due to size limitation. With the increase of 40 mm in width, two pages can now be printed on one sheet. Both the productivity and output are significantly increased. More importantly, it saves the cost of production material and time by 50%, which adds up to overall production efficiency. Moreover, it enables printing companies to deliver packaging products of larger format. That's on top of improving their production flexibility and expanding their business scope.

"We used to do our print jobs with the large-format presses. Now with the ROLAND 700 HiPrint in 3B plus format, under the circumstances of the same output, our production costs are significantly cut. This provides us with a price advantage and enhances our overall market competitiveness," said Mr. Zheng.

Getting a ROLAND 705 LV 3B plus format is yet another affirmation of Tianjin Maohai's status as a first-class packaging printer in China.

Mr. Zheng Maohai, Managing Director of Tianjin Mohi Paper Printing Co., Ltd

One of Mohi’s printing plants, located in Tianjin city, North China.

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