100 years old – time for a new ROLAND

With a hundred year pedigree, 335 staff, and producing 24,500 tons of fine cardboard packaging a year, the people at one of Austria’s leading printing companies don’t make investment decisions lightly.

Award-winning Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach produce high-quality package and label solutions for the food and beverage, chocolate, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries.

After deciding they needed to add to their plant they began a series of tests of the presses on the market. The result was the purchase of a seven-colour ROLAND 700 with coating – the first Manroland high-speed press in Austria.

The reason was simple.

“Flexibility; high productivity and constant high quality. These are the three major points to survive in the competitive packaging industry in Europe and why we chose Manroland,” says Ing. Eduard Fischer, General Manager, based in Vorarlberger.

His colleague, technical manager Johannes Knapp, adds: “The service, the reliability, the spoken quality of the machines and the partnership for more than 50 years made the difference. We trust Manroland.”

“The investment in the InlineColorPilot together with the Inlineregister will bring us further quality improvements.

“The InlineInspector with our eight-color ROLAND 700 PLV proved it could guarantee the best print quality. This time, we need InlineInspector again on the new press, but its upgraded version, InlineInspector 2.0 with pdf check.”


The InlineColorPilot together with the InlineRegister, and the InlineInspector 2.0 with pdf check are the new technological developments of Manroland.

InlineColorPilot is the fastest system in the market that measures the printed sheets inside the press and automatically regulates the inking units. It is a non- stop process without the need to pull sheets. This improves colour stability, and offers complete documentation of the production run.

Using a high-resolution CCD sensor, the InlineColorPilot measures the complete print control strip within three sheets. It is upgraded with InlineRegister, which ensures the automatic Inline register regulation, measurement and regulation at print run. With the InlineBobstregister it is possible to integrate the register marks needed for the diecut-process into the already very small printcontrolstripe.

In addition, in order to guarantee the production of 100% good sheets in the delivery pile, the InlineInspector 2.0 is now available in a single or a multiple camera system which will check for hickeys, scratches, streaks, doubling, noticeable color deviations, noticeable register deviations and substrate defects at the maximum press speed of up to 18.000 s/h.

The advantages of the system are fully automatic inspection; fully automatic mark of bad sheets; no hand-operated random inspection required; high delivery quality and reduction of waste sheets.

The system compares all printed sheets scanned with a resolution of 100 dpi (single camera) or 200 dpi (four cameras) to a pdf and detects text mistakes down to 4pt size. Bad sheets will either be marked within the stack with a tab inserter, to be easily identified after production, or rejected in the ROLAND InlineSorter waste bin to guarantee a defect-free pile of sheets in the delivery. Thus, it can relieve the operators a huge workload and spare more time for the operators to attend to other jobs. A printer’s life becomes easier!

The signing ceremony between Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach and Manroland Austria.

Sitting from left to right: Mr. Johannes Knapp, Technical manager of Offsetdruckerei, Mr. Ewald Fischer, General Manger of Offsetdrucekrei and Mr. Ralph Joser, Finanzial Manager of Offsetdruckerei.

Standing in behind from left to right: Mr. Alexander Elbs, General Manager manroland Österreich and Mr. Thomas Blechigner, Key Account Sales Manager manroland Österreich.

About Manroland Sheetfed

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH began trading on 10 February 2012, following the acquisition of the Sheetfed division of the insolvent Manroland AG by British industrialist Tony Langley and Langley Holdings PLC (www.langleyholdings.com).

Manroland Sheetfed employs approx.1000 people at the HQ in Offenbach, Germany and around 2000 staff worldwide, in over 40 subsidiaries. For more information about Manroland Sheetfed, visit www.manroland.com.