‘Heroic spirit’ drives Fareach Color Printing to success

Guangdong Fareach introduces its new 8-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION

Su Dongpo, a Chinese poet, statesman and calligrapher of the Song Dynasty, is a well-known figure in Huizhou, in Guangdong Province. His works are still read by the region’s students, professionals and businessmen, who glean wisdom from his writings.

Su’s call for the Chinese people to draw on their “heroic spirit” in conquering the most difficult challenges has resonated loudly with the men running the Huizhou-based Guangdong Fareach Industry Group Co., Ltd.

“Nowadays our Fareach people also have such heroic spirit as Mr. Su Dongpo,” says the manager of the Fareach Color Printing Industry (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

Su once wrote that "only by challenging and conquering the most difficult, could you reach the farthest target and obtain the long-term benefits" and this, according to this manager, “has become the spirit of Fareach. It keeps encouraging us to overcome any difficulties ahead. The name of our group derives from this spirit.”

Guangdong Fareach Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Its a diversified business with links to industry, finance and venture capital, real estate and construction materials. The group has eight wholly-owned subsidiaries and three joint ventures with a total asset of 1 billion yuan. With more than 1,700 staff members and annual sales income of over 3 billion yuan, Fareach is a modern enterprise – financially robust and fully embracing advanced management methods.

Fareach Color Printing, its subsidiary which specializes in printing high-end color boxes and cigarette packages, has a standout reputation in the Chinese printing industry.

That’s because apart from its enterprising spirit and bold initiatives, Fareach also relies on world-class, high-end printing technologies to produce quality products that customers demand. Fareach takes pride in having "first-class equipment and excellent talents to ensure high-quality products and efficiently provide our customers with more added values," the manager says.

“As early as 2002, we made the wise decision to introduce a six-color ROLAND 700 with coating module and UV system press. It proved to be the right choice because our productivity and print quality have significantly improved since the installation of this machine. Our business has also grown rapidly.

“Later, in order to further expand our business, during the four years between 2014 and 2017, we have invested in two seven-color ROLAND 700's with coating module and UV system presses and an eight-color ROLAND 700 with coating module and UV system EVOLUTION press."

Having hit more than 1 billion yuan in annual revenue, Fareach expects their turnover to increase year on year. It is also geared-up towards a smarter and higher value added printing enterprise for the future.

"Fareach constantly improves itself step by step according to the high standards,” says the manager.

With every challenge conquered, Fareach has taken its business to new heights as the "the pearl of the print" at Daya Bay.

Daya Bay-Guangdong Fareach Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The Fareach office building is located in a quiet and elegant factory environment.

R708LV UV EVOLUTION press helps Fareach to maintain its consistently high standards.

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