Manroland Sheetfed welcomes 29 new apprentices

Manroland Sheetfed continue to focus on dual education and study in times of changing demographics and skill shortages.

Full of energy and curiosity, the apprentices attended a three-day introduction course organised by Manroland tutors at a seminar center in the Rhön, to help the newbies take their first steps into a professional career.

Training Manager Matthias Derzbach: "Our renowned training success clearly show Manroland is aware that in a high-tech industry, well-trained employees are the company’s future to succeed in the markets we operate in. The introductory seminar is an important tool for us to facilitate the transition from school to work life. This is the foundation for a successful education. At the moment we are also experiencing a structural change, especially with regard to Industry 4.0, which is now also implemented in training. That presents us daily with challenges that have not only required considerable investment, but also re-thinking traditional structures and processes. This is a really exciting time, and we are very well positioned to make this change successful, "

Matthias Derzbach, Training Manager (right) with 2018 trainees and the instructors

Dual training has been a long tradition at Manroland - since 1892 the company has trained skilled workers. The training center in Offenbach am Main has also been a co-operation partner for many companies in the region for many years, who do not have their own training or cannot cover all the required training content. Depending on their needs, these partner companies book individual course modules or even the complete training, until the final examination.

The proceeds are then returned to the training center and cover part of the annual investment required to keep a modern training center technologically up-to-date. Manroland has 10 different professions and 7 dual study programs in its training portfolio.

"And we have recently seen a rise in job applications compared to previous years" continues Derzbach. "The training is again increasingly perceived as a career opportunity. These young people will gradually be integrated to safeguard the skill sets required for the future. That is our task. Training has never been as good as it is today as the demographics of the company can be observed. We will experience an in-house generation change in the coming years. That's why we have opened our doors to university graduates and young skilled workers”.

Manroland conducts training in the following disciplines: media technologist, pressure; electronics, foundry mechanics; industrial clerks; industrial mechanics; mechatronics; technical model maker; technical product designer; cutting machine operator and media designer specializing in digital and print.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship, or studying with in-depth practice, in 2019, please email your application/interest to:

About Manroland Sheetfed

Manroland Sheetfed is a leading German manufacturer of offset printing machines. Founded in 1871, the company is one of the oldest printing press manufacturers in the world.

The company is represented in more than 40 countries with its own branches. The name Manroland stands today for quality and highest reliability worldwide. Manroland Sheetfed is a wholly owned subsidiary of Langley Holdings plc, a privately held British engineering group.