Improve ink stability at high speeds

Upgrade your press with Manroland’s new inking diffusion roller device with ink residue extraction.

The range of inks on the market today is as varied as the printed applications. However, different inks absorb different amounts of damping solution.

Inks which are sensitive to damping solution have less latitude whereas inks with too much damping solution can lead to piling or an increase in tone value. These problems may get even worse when printing on a low coverage area or printing on non-absorbent substrates.

Manroland presses print at speeds up to 18,000 sheets per hour and with some inks these high speeds may cause ink residues. To ensure constant process stability, highest productivity and good working conditions, Manroland has developed an inking diffusion roller device with ink residue extraction.

By taking press-room air through a filter and blowing it directly onto the inking roller it evaporates any surface water, thus increasing the damping latitude considerably along with the process tolerance. As a result, a stable printing process is achievable even with sensitive inks.

A healthier and cleaner environment

Any ink splitting especially at high press speeds may cause a light deposit of ink to settle onto the press inking units. It may even be necessary for the inking unit to be thoroughly cleaned to remove this deposit.

To prevent this and ensure high productivity with optimal working conditions, the extraction system extracts any ink residue through a filter and blows the filtered air out of the press. When the filters require replacing the operation is quick and simple.

Just some of the benefits:

This upgrade is available for the most of our machine types. For further information, please contact your local service partner.

Perfect print every time and less waste.

Manroland's inking diffusion roller device with ink residue extraction.

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