Printing arts invests in ROLAND 708 PLV with InLine Foiler

Printing Arts, located in Broadview, IL has chosen another manroland for their most recent press purchase. This printing power house specializes in Packaging and Commercial Printing. This newest manroland, a 40“ eight color with Inline Perfector and Inline Coater, is loaded with proven technology to keep Printing Arts competitive in the future.

Jim Kosowski, Chief Operating Officer says, “We look forward to starting the installation of this press and anticipate the additional business opportunities that it will give us. The press is loaded with new features including an InlineFoiler which will allow us to apply foil to the sheet and overprint inline eliminating the additional cost and production steps of offline foiling. We have additional capability with this press to print eight colors and coat inline for the packaging market and print four over four for the commercial market. We have been a happy manroland sheetfed press user as well as a printcom and printservices consumer.“

Manroland R708 PLV

In addition to the InlineFoiling, the manroland R708 PLV also is equipped with InlineSorter, InlineCoating, InlinePerfecting, InlineInspection, InlineObserver as well as InlineUV capabilities, Automatic Plate Loading and many other QuickChange features and software.

Doug Zirkelbach, Regional Sales Manager states, “Having Printing Arts purchase another manroland sheetfed press reinforces manroland sheetfed’s position to the industry that we continue to provide our customers with high performance equipment that make them more competitive in their respective markets.“

About Printing Arts

Printing Arts is a leading service provider of quality packaging and commercial printing. As a client-driven organization, our mission is helping clients achieve maximum effectiveness in the creation, procurement production, distribution and management of printed materials. For more information about Printing Arts, visit

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Manroland Sheetfed GmbH provides high performance printing solutions for commercial, and packaging printing. manroland sheetfed employs around 1000 people at the HQ in Offenbach, Germany and over 2000 staff worldwide, in over 40 subsidiaries. For more information about manroland sheetfed, visit