ColorPilot systems

ColorPilot systems - the fastest, most efficient way to measure color

Color measurement systems are vital to standardized printing processes. The faster they work, the more you save in time and cost. The ColorPilot family from Manroland Sheetfed offers you the fastest color management system available.

The ColorPilot product range is so efficient, the entire measuring process takes place in only a few seconds, measuring densitometrical and colorimetrical values in a single pass.


ColorPilot automatically scans the entire color control strip sending densitometrical and colorimetrical values to the control console, providing printers with all the information they need to control the system. Also available are the ColorPilot Smart and ColorPilot Plus options based on application parameters.


The automatic measuring process measures ink density at full production speed without the need to pull sheets out of the press – saving time, improving color stability and reducing wastage during make-ready and job changeover.

Multi-functional features

ColorPilot and InlineColorPilot can be equipped with these additional productivity features: