Continuous Innovation in publishing

Print companies need to know that their investment in printing technology will retain its value and efficiency for the entire length of its service life, continuing to deliver maximum efficiency and the highest possible quality output.

In a fiercely competitive market that demands short runs, personalized design and reduced lead times, our customizable solutions combine the unbeatable quality of offset printing with the speed and flexibility of digital, allowing printers to deliver effectively and efficiently.

The ROLAND 700 DirectDrive’s ability to carry out plate-changing, wash-offs and many other processes simultaneously, gives printers the option to implement short production runs that in the past would have been too prohibitive to consider; productivity can be enhanced with a choice of InLine processes.

The option to FutureProof presses with InLine components helps customers to adapt to any new need, throughout the entire press lifecycle. We develop solutions that allow commercial printing companies to keep ahead of the competition by expanding the range of services they offer.